The skirt of old crap

As you may know I like to make clothes every once in a while. I didn’t use my sewing machine for quite some time but as spring hit us, the creativity bug hit me. So I’ve been making me some new clothes and the first thing I’ve finished is the skirt of old crap.

You know when you have clothes in your closet that you never wear but you just don’t throw them out for some reason? Sometimes it’s the memories you have with that particular piece, maybe it’s the fact that it was way too expensive or you think it’s too bad because you just bought it but it just turns out it’s not your style. I had that with a pair of jeans I had bought. They were just half a size too big so they didn’t look good on me but I just couldn’t throw it out because it was fine other than the sizing.
I ran into this picture a long time ago and even though the article was about Emma Watson’s asshole ex-boyfriend, it was the skirt that caught my attention. I like all the layers in it!

I combined the idea of wanting to do something with my old jeans with a skirt made out of layers of different kinds of fabric. So first I cut off the legs of the jeans.

And after that I just started going through my old stash of fabrics and started adding layers to the top part of the jeans. You won’t believe what kind of stash of fabrics I have. I had actually forgotten about some of them!
So it was good to go through them and get to used some of them, throw some of them out and get ideas for some new projects in the process.

I added more and more different sizes of layers to the skirt until it was long enough. After that I figured I could also use some of the lace I still had on this one, just to make it even more layered and I really liked the effect of that.

I think this project turned out pretty awesome. It’s also perfect for my work because now I have a skirt with pockets and I can wear it with a belt. Needless to say I’m very happy with it. I didn’t have to throw any clothes away unused and even got to use some fabrics that I thought I would just have to throw out. I wore the skirt to work this week and I got loads and loads of compliments on it, so sweet πŸ˜€

I have an idea for a new project with old t-shirts that I just couldn’t throw out because of the prints. It’s going to take some time but I think that’s the next thing I’m going to work on. πŸ™‚
What do you think of this skirt? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Ahh wat een goed idee!
    Ik heb ook nog een berg band shirts wat ik niet weg wil doen maar ze dragen is niet echt ehh charmant. Zat er dan te denken om de mouwen er af te halen en de kraag zodat je een off shoulder krijgt.
    Mar ik kan niet naaien :’)

    • Ik moet zeggen dat naaien echt niet moeilijk is, zeker een creatieveling als jij zou het moeten kunnen. Ik denk dat ik met vooral de logo’s van shirts een jurk ga maken, hoe en of dat gaat lukken moet ik nog maar zien, haha.

  2. Die laatste foto is echt schitterend van je. Leuke rok, past echt helemaal bij jou vind ik.

  3. I like it!
    I was thinking about making a black maxi skirt myself but I’d have to do it by hand. My machine has broken down XD

  4. Het is nog leuker dan ik dacht dat het zou zijn!
    Heel apart!

  5. Oh my lord, you really are creative! I love your style!

  6. awesome idea. I’ve got a bunch of stuff I should do this to!!!

  7. hij is wel super gaaf

  8. eclecticodiverso


  9. This is a great idea and really cool to look at. Thank you fΓΌr the inspiration!

  10. Great idea!

  11. wow, cool processing…..

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