Poison gold for Easter

I had to work all easter so I didn’t get to do a lot but I had a late shift too and that morning we had a nice over the top breakfast and after that I got to spend some time with my make-up buddies. 🙂
I wanted to do something colourful and dramatic and I personally feel I’ve succeeded. I also did my hair a little different than usual and I liked it a lot. I got a lot of sweet comments on it so I guess I wasn’t the only one. 😉

I was thinking about a purple with green look when I was browsing through my pigment samples but then I ran into my MAC Copper Beam pigment and I thought a gold/copper look with purple would be better because I’ve done green with purple for a million time already. That’s not going to stop me from doing looks with those colours in the future but a little variation is a good thing, right?

I also left out the eyeliner again because the look was pretty heavy as it was and I really wanted to show the colours without the eyeliner getting in the way.
The lips are also pretty light but that was just laziness, I had this lipgloss on my table and I had to get up for another one. 😆

I think the light purple on the lower lashline (Sugarpill Weekender) works really well to keep the look from becoming too dark and smokey. And it’s just a stunning colour in combination with the gold and copper pigments.

I have to say I’m really happy with this look and it makes me want to come up with more colour combinations that I wouldn’t normally use. I’m guessing I just have to keep browsing my stash because that usually gets the inspiration flowing. I’ll do a bright yellow with pink look soon because it was requested but if you have any other combinations you’d like to see, please let me know in the comments!

Products used


  • Hema Eyeshadow Base
  • Gosh Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick, Brown
  • Sugarpill Goldilux
  • Pure Luxe Socialite
  • MAC pigment Copper Beam
  • Sugarpill Stella
  • Sugarpill Poison Plum
  • Sugarpill Weekender
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner, Purple Stain
  • Gosh Kohl / Eyeliner, Black
  • Essence Multi Action False Lashes Mascara


  • Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation, Ivory
  • NYC blush, Outside Café
  • Sleek blush, Flamingo


  • Essence LE @Holographics lipgloss, Lil@c

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  1. I love gold and purple together. This look is gorgeous and I adore your hair!

    • Thanks! I liked the hair too, been wearing it like this more often and it’s so easy and looks very different from what I usually wear. 😀

  2. What a fun look!

  3. What a gorgeous look! I love the necklace too.
    And for a request… What about pink and blue, to stay in the pink ‘theme’ a little;)

    • Thanks, the nacklace is from the market, pretty cheap too. 😀 (€10 valt mee toch?)
      Pink and blue…. going to think about that one 🙂

  4. Love this look on you, perfect color combination!

  5. I would love to see a tutorial for this look! 🙂

  6. Wow, I love your necklace? Would you like to tell us where you got it?

    • I got in on our local market, one of those hair-flower-and-other-cute-girly-stuff seller. So I”m sorry but I can’t help you to a store that sells it. 😦

  7. wow, i am SO in love with this look! freaking gorgeous

  8. I love this look, I’d love to see the tutorial too 🙂

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