Purple peepers

Some time ago I told you about my new Inglot palette. I’m seriously in love with it and I have to say I’m a bit bummed out about the fact that they’re supposedly boosting their prices. Shame on you Inglot, you’re already so much more expensive in the Netherlands than in Poland where you come from and now you’re becoming even more expensive? I don’t know if it’s just a rumour or actually true but if it is true it seriously sucks.

But lets just leave it at that, I’ll try figuring out if it’s true later. Like I was saying: I told you about my Inglot palette and Phlox from Eye Graffiti asked me about doing a look with some of the Inglot colours in the comments:

Your wish is my command. Here’s the look with those colours!

I thought the colour combination of the blue toned purple and the blue go great together. And I still haven’t figured out if the colour in the outer eye corner is a dark pink or a red based purple, but no matter what it is: it’s gorgeous!

I’m pretty happy with this look and I always like what purple does to the colour of my eyes, it really brings out the green and makes them pretty light. So thanks to Phlox for asking for this look and putting this idea in my head!

What do you think of this look? Do you like the colours I used or would you like to see one (or more) of the colours with something else? Do you know anything about Inglot becoming more expensive? Please let me know in the comments!

Products used


  • Hema Eyeshadow base
  • Gosh Waterproof Mineral Eyehadow Stick, Brown
  • Inglot eyeshadows AMC66, Matte 332, AMC 74, Matte 325 and Double SP 496
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner, Pretty Petrol
  • NYC High Definition mascara
  • Gosh kohl / eyepencil, black


  • Essence Coverstick, Matte honey
  • Sephora blush, Framboise Reflets


  • Catrice Revoltaire lipstick, Colour Bomb
  • Catrice Lipstick, Lovely Lilac

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  1. Love the purple! You have the prettiest eye color ♥

    • It’s funny you say that because every time I see your looks I find myself thinking how light and pretty your eyes are. Thanks for the sweet comment 😀

  2. WOW. I love this! Totally stunning (both you and the makeup, hehe) !

  3. This look is absolute perfection in my opinion!

  4. Mooie look!! 😀

  5. Awesome colors!!!!

  6. Helemaal mijn ding ❤ love it! xx Claudia

  7. WOW! I love this look! You’re so talented and always after seeing one of your looks I always get so tempted to wash my face and start all over again and be creative! Your eyes really glows in that purple combination!
    Oh you know what other combination I would like to see on your eyes? Bright pink and yellow? How do you feel about that?

    • Thank you, I know the feeling when you get inspired by looks, you girls have the same effect on me 😉
      Bright pink and yellow? Sounds like I need to get to work with my sleek Acid palette! Good idea, thanks!

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