Do you want to win some pretties?

Woohoo, this is my 101st blogpost!!!!

Time has gone by so fast and I have to say: I’m so very happy with my blog. No more pressure of having to write every day which ironically gets me more motivated and inspired to write more, lol.

I had been thinking about doing a give-away for some time but I just didn’t get around to do it. But I saw I was pretty close to 100 blogposts and I thought it called for a little celebration.
This is the fifth month my blog exists and I didn’t expect a lot of followers in the first couple of months. But I was stunned by all you guys because a lot of people followed me on Twitter andΒ bloglovin which I didn’t really expect.
I love the comments I get on my looks and ramblings so I want to thank you all for following me. I makes it worth the effort when some people reply on blogposts. But even when they don’t it’s pretty cool to see people actually visit my blog and evenΒ keep coming back. With that in mind I want to do this give-away.

I received some products double for reviews when I had already bought the product myself and I asked the company if it would be ok if I put them in this prize and they all said it would be fine so thanks to them I can now give away not 1 but 2 prizes!

Prize 1:

  • Kruidvat Eye Roller
  • Gosh Lengthening 2 Step Mascara
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Eye Primer
  • Catrice Powder Brush
  • Gosh Quattro Goldfinger
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner, colour Blue Moon
  • Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliner, colour 04
  • Gosh Effect Powder, colour Steel
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick, colour Amethyst

Prize 2:

  • Kruidvat Eye Roller
  • NYC Sky Rise Lengthening Mascara
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Lip Primer
  • NYC City Mono Eye Shadow, colour Manhattan Gaze
  • Catrice Absolute Eye Colour, colour The Captain Of The Black Pearl
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner, colour Cool Mint
  • Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliner, colour 09
  • Gosh Effect Powder, colour Azure
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick, colour Tropical Pink

A little more about this giveaway…

– It is open internationally.
– Products will be sent to you in envelopes with bubblepaper.
– Follow me on Twitter (@Lisanneblogt) and tweet about this giveaway. Make sure you mention @Lisanneblogt in the tweet. (not mandatory)
– Follow me on Bloglovin’ (not mandatory)
– The giveaway will be open for 10 days. After that I will pronounce the winners. The winners will be contacted by email and have to contact me back within 72 hours. If they don’t the prize will go to someone else.
– Leave a comment and give me feedback on what you think I could do to improve my blog. I’d love to get some more feedback about that. πŸ™‚ This is the only thing that is mandatory so make sure you leave me a comment.

Good luck πŸ˜€


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  1. leuke actie!
    ik zou het leuk vinden als er tutorials kwamen in video’s, zodat ik echt kan zien hoe je het producht aanbrengt en met wat voor een kwast, of met je vingers. verder vind ik t fijn dat je ook vaker hele andere looks laat zien, die je niet gauw overdag zult dragen en dit maakt jouw blog juist zo anders dan alle anderen (:

  2. Ik vind je posts erg leuk. Ik volg je nog niet heel lang (2 weken) dus ik vind het lastig om tips te geven, maar iets wat ik persoonlijk fijn vind is om te weten of make-up dierproefvrij is of niet en ik vind het altijd fijn als mensen dit erbij vermelden indien dit zo is. Vooral als ik een merk niet ken, is het fijn om het te weten want dat scheelt een hoop zoekwerk. Ik vind je ooglooks erg leuk! Ik volg je via bloglovin’ en heb getweet met het account @meteenstrikje.

  3. Wauw, dat 2e pakket is echt supermooi!
    Ik volg je blog al langere tijd, vooral je Hunger Games outfit vind ik mooi!
    Wat ik erg leuk zou vinden is als je bij je mooie EOTD’s eens een how-to plaatst! Bijvoorbeeld van Miss Moneypenny. Je maakt zulke mooie EOTD’s namelijk!
    Ik volg je btw ook via twitter en heb getweet:


  4. Wauw wat een super leuke pakketten! Ik zou welleens een filmpje zien van je looks.. dus hoe je het moet maken ^^. Verder vind ik het super!
    Ik heb getweet als miss073 πŸ˜‰
    Allemaal heel veel succes!! Wie een van deze pakketten winy is echt een mazzelkont!
    Veel Liefs,

  5. Toffe pakketjes heb je gemaakt! Vooral de eerste vind ik erg leuk πŸ˜€ Dus ik doe zeker mee πŸ™‚
    Ik heb ook getweet:!/120colours/statuses/185664092336435200

    Ik vind je ooglooks altijd erg mooi, ben altijd benieuwd hoe je die maakt! Bij mij worden de kleuren nooit zo fel πŸ˜‰ haha. Dus misschien kun je daar eens wat over vertellen πŸ™‚

  6. Jaaa wat een gave prijzen!

    Wat zou je kunnen verbeteren…
    Ik zou zeggen meer make up tutorials (I know, time consuming πŸ˜‰ ),
    OOTD’s zie ik ook graag. Net als de ‘ontdek nieuwe blogs’ serie (naam kwijt…)

    Verder kan ik zo 1, 2, 3 geen verbeterpunten bedenken…
    Je hebt echt een leuk gevarieerd blog waar ik graag lees!

  7. Nice!!! And congrates on your 101st blogpost :D. Love your blog the way is. Loved the one with the eyelinertips. So maybe more blogs like that one? Just be you, that’s why I check your blog in the morning. ;).


  8. congrats on 101 posts! i’ve been enjoying you makeup look posts. i’d like to see more picture tutorials how you put your looks together.

  9. Congrats on the 101 blog post!

    And of course I want more tutorials πŸ˜€ not too predictable… But your looks are so awesome, of course we all want to be able to try it ourselves πŸ™‚ But I love the very dramatic more theatrical looks too. And if you have any special tips/tutorials on specific techniques (eyeliners, pigments, glitters, etc) I think that would make a real nice addition to your blog too. And I would love to hear some more little pieces about your life, since I am on a twitter break I miss all the whatups!

    And I would love to be able to win the first package πŸ™‚ as it has my colors. Naturally I gave you my heart on Bloglovin.

  10. How generous of you, hooray! I would love to try GOSH. My fave posts have been the vote on an eye tutorial one (that was awesome and unique), general eotd’s are always nice and I also liked the ones where you shared what you have sewn!

  11. Love your blog; would like to see more tutorials and maybe a video or two. πŸ™‚

  12. het is wel een hel leuke winactie.
    ik doe mee.

  13. Wat leuk! Wauw, al 101 posts! De tijd vliegt inderdaad. πŸ™‚
    Goh, ik ben al sinds bloggin beauties zo’n fan van je looks, ik zou eerlijk gezegd niet zo snel iets weten wat ik nog meer op je blog zou willen zien. Ik zie in de comments “tutorials” wel wat terug komen, en daarin kan ik wel wat volgen. πŸ™‚ Maar ik ben heel blij met je blog zoals hij is. πŸ™‚

  14. patchesofsunshine

    Amazing giveaway!! I love your blog..would love to see more tutorials! I follow on Twitter πŸ™‚

  15. Congrats on your 101 posts! So excited for you!

    I would love more tutorials, and would love to hear details on how you photograph your looks.

  16. glittermomto6

    I think your blog looks pretty good as it is. I am not sure how long you have been blogging but the key to a successful beauty blog is to be consistent with your posts, good pictures, stay somewhat relevant with the popular products and most of all, Have fun!!

  17. glittermomto6

    I think your blog looks great and your posts are well written. Some things to remember are to be consistent with your posting, take good pictures , make sure you post relevant posts about popular products and lastly, HAVE FUN with it!!

  18. Im not really sure what advice I can give to you, other than just have fun and REALLY enjoy what you are doing. I think you’re doing a great job with your blog.. Congratz on your Hundredth post. I wish you many more continued successes in the future. Good luck to everyone on the giveaway! πŸ˜€ I would love to win!

  19. sherrysoveryberry

    Your blog is so awesome, I’d love to see more eye make up tutorials! I also love how you do your hair so maybe there should be some tutorials on that too! =)

  20. sherrysoveryberry

    Your blog is so awesome, I’d love to see more eye make up tutorials! I also love how you do your hair so maybe there should be some tutorials on that too!! =)

  21. your blog is really nice. i don’t think you should change anything. i like your blog is not messy, and you can easily just read posts without bunch of distractions on sidebar and so on. well, i really like to see more make up tutorial or FOTD. good luck and thanks for giveaway

  22. Ana BelΓ©n

    Enter me please! I love your NOTDs, I’d like to see a lot of hauls and reviews.
    Following on twitter (@Fisigiawa) and tweeted:!/Fisigiawa/status/186569345525227522

    • My NOTD’s??? Really??? Because out of the 101 blogposts I did this far I’ve only done 2 nailpolish swatches. Seriously, at least get your facts straight if you’re going to pretend you read my blog.

  23. I don’t think you really need to improve on your blog. Except for having tutorials…. other than that I always enjoy seeing the looks you come up with! IMO your the blending queen!

  24. tweeted!

  25. I’m in:D
    I love your blog! (But you already know that)
    I really like the way you seem to be able to take very bright or vivid colours and combine them with heavier make-up but it always turns out pretty wearable anyway(except for when you use rhinestones etc.)
    I really like the outfit posts as well as the primark haul you did. So more of that is always welcome.
    And I love tutorials so that would be nice too.
    Anyway, congrats on the 100+ posts πŸ˜€

  26. patricia jongboom

    what a great giveaway i shared it on facebook and twitter and i follow you on bloglovin and love reading your blog

  27. ik doe mee! leuke winactie.
    ik ga voor 1
    ik volg je op bloglovin en heb geliked!

  28. I’m following you on Twitter (@NTFancy) and I tweeted about it here:!/NTFancy/status/188095649269559296

    I’d like it if your theme/background etc were a little more personalised, but it’s not critical πŸ™‚ As for posts, I like to read reviews of new products on the market (so I know whether to buy them or not bother) and tutorials of classic makeup looks (I’m not very experienced with makeup and need some tips).

    kate1485 at

  29. I’d love to see beauty product reviews and make-up tutorials complete with step-by-step pictures!

    +1 Follow @3velyna and tweeted:

    +1 Follow on Bloglovin’ – Aik

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

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