A Hunger Games outfit

Last weekend we were going out to dinner and after that we saw The Hunger Games. I had just finished reading the book and I was sooooo excited to see the film. I had to work that morning but I got home early so I still had time to dress up and do my make-up. Today I’ll show you my outfit and tomorrow the make-up look.

I wanted to wear something to match the red make-up I used I I took a red lace top and wore it under a top I once made. This top only has one sleeve so the red lace was shown as the shoulder strap and also at the bottom of the shirt. I wore a black jeans skirt and red leggings with black lace leggings on top of it. And of course the black boots again, I wear them a lot!

I have no idea why I’m posing like a bobblehead doll on the first picture but it shows the outfit so I chose that one anyway. It looks weird though, lol.


About The Hunger Games: I liked it a lot. But I was prejudiced because I had just finished the book a few days before and I loved that. That’s not always a reason to like the film of course but every detail of the book was still in my memory so the parts that someone who hadn’t read the book would have missed, I just completed in my head. My love didn’t read the book and he didn’t like it as much as I did. To him the characters could have been way better explained and therefore they were not as well casted, while I thought every character was brilliantly casted because they were a lot like I had imagined it. The story also didn’t have as much drama as I thought it did because in the film you’re actually racing through the whole story in the arena and the details that make it exciting were left out.

After he told me this I had to think it over and I think I agree with him. If I hadn’t been as excited about the book I probably wouldn’t have liked the film as much as I did. But for all you Hunger Games fans: just go see it. It’s not the most brilliant thing in the world and there are loads of films around that make you work and think along with the story a lot better. But it’s not bad either and I had a great evening, going out to dinner and a movie together is always fun. 😀

Did you see The Hunger Games or are you planning on going to see it? What did you think of it? And what do you think of the outfit? Please let me know in the comments 😀


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  1. Your outfit is so cute!! I love the leggings and your boots! I am a huge fan of the books, I read all of them rather quickly. I was kinda disappointed with the film, they left to many things out in my opinion. But it was a good film nonetheless, Effie & Haymich were hilarious! I wish they had developed the characters further in the movie. I plan on watching the movie again soon to solidify my opinion. I think I was way to excited for the movie and had my hopes up to high to enjoy the film xD

    So in conclusion, your outfit = amazing and I can’t wait to see your makeup look tomorrow! 😀

    • I thought Woody as Haymitch was just perfect casting, he’s one of those guys you just love to hate, especially in roles like these. I agree with you about the characters, they should have been more developed and that goes for the entire movie, all the details to make it very interesting were left out… But still, it was fun. 😀
      Thanks for your comment. 😀

  2. I think you look awesome! And so does Arno (yup, he reads your blog haha). He said, that’s just typically Lisanne. She rocks that outfit and look at that smile! She just has that devil may care attitude, so cool! 🙂

  3. oooh wow wat mooi!!

  4. Hubba, hubba! Look at you! Just gorgeous.

  5. I skipped over every Hunger Games related post untill I saw the movie. I do agree it wasnt as good when you didnt read the book but it was still a good movie. just could have been better:p
    But I do love the casting. My only remark there is that Peeta looks too neat for some reason. Too clean.
    I love your look btw. Its really well matched. And the boots look very comfortable!:)

  6. uhlala! that is hot! 🙂 and on the first picture you look cute, not weird. And I love your makeup, especially complexion – so flawless…

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