Our trip to Poland

Some time ago we were thinking about planning a weekend somewhere. We didn’t know where or anything like that but we like to plan little trips like this. A collegue of my love is from Poland and she was looking for cheap tickets, she found them for a couple of euro’s and they got to talking about how it would be fun if we could go along. Long story short: a couple of collegues, my love and I went to Poland for that weekend! 😀
This is just a short blogpost about some of the things we’ve seen and all that. I figured this didn’t need to be a blog just about make-up and I like sharing things like this.

We were going with Wizz Air, funny name, right? A week after out trip one of the planes from that company, on the same airport where we were, had to stay on the ground because of problems with the engine. That got me thinking, could have been us, could have been a real accident. But that’s just what can happen if you travel, right? None of the people in the plane with the engine problems were hurt so in the long run it was all fine. 😉

The people we met had a habit of pouring wodka for us every single time we got a drink in the evening. They made that wodka themselves so it was very strong. Needless to say we all got a little drunk pretty fast, lol. But it was good stuff, none of us had a real hangover the morning after and I thought the wodka tasted fantastic!

This train on the station in Leszno reminded me of East Germany, I like views like this with old buildings and stuff like that.

We went to a mall to find and Inglot store and obviously they were really into easter. The bunnies were guarded and we turned one around but that wasn’t appreciated, lol. The guard immediately put it back as it was. They had really big bunnies like these too and they were standing everywhere in the mall, it was cute!

The mall was pretty new and it had a lot of these steampunk details which I thought was really cool.

In Poland, Chuck guards their money, made me want to open an account! 😉

The cities we visited looked a lot like this. I think it looks so gorgeous with all the different colours. It reminds me a bit of Amsterdam but still different.

This was a bit weird, we were on our way back to the train station when we saw a group of special police officers with huge guns walking in front of this group of people. First we thought it was a riot of some kind but it turned out to be a group of people acting like zombies. Awesome!! We got a flyer about a festival but we don’t know it this was it or if it was some kind of preview for it. Still, it looked so cool. 😀

That evening we went to dinner but we stopped by a cool looking place that just served cocktails. We have been munching on giant pitchers of Mojito’s for way too long and because we were so late we almost couldn’t find a restaurant, but it made us very giggly and we had a great evening. 😀

The next day we were already flying home. It was funny because the airport where we were flying had opened the day before so everything was brand spankin’ new. The trip back was good too and that was the end of our Poland trip.

I had a fantastic time and I hope we get to do spontaneous trips like this more often, this way we get to see some other countries (I had never been to Poland) and meet new people so I hope we’ll do something like this again. 😀

What do you think, have you even been to Poland or do you live there? Do you ever take trips like these and what countries or cities do you recommend?


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