Link love part 7

Don’t you just love it when your favourite blog has a new update? I used to just browse my favourites  through my bookmarks but the list got endless so I just put them all in bloglovin. I created an account for my own blog too so if you want to find me on Bloglovin’ you can do that *here*

Anyway, on to the fabulous bloggers I selected for this new part of Link love!


I have no idea how I came across this blog but I’ve been mesmerized by her pictures eversince. Mr Ralphie… at first I thought it was a guy. Hey, in make-up land it’s not uncommon and a lot of those guys are pretty damn talented too.

But Mr Ralphie is not a guy, it’s a very beautiful girl! Her name is Rachel and she is mindblowing at the make-up stuff. She hasn’t had her blog for a very long time but I hope she will post many, many new looks. She does such inspiring things! I’ve seen her blog pictures featured on some Facebook pages and stuff so she’s definitely growing in popularity, and with good reason! She does very awesome disgusting things for her Cinemagraphic Makeup course too. I would love to see more of these things too but maybe it’s just a little too gross for some out there? I personally think stuff like this is awesome but I’d like to know what you guys think. And please, check out MrRalphie!

Unique Desire

The other blog I’ve really enjoyed reading lately is the one from Kassie. Kassie is a make-up enthusiast with some amazing looks on her website.
I guess she has a real love for colour because her looks are usually very colourful and very beautiful. She has an amazing style that I believe is truly, like her blog, unique.

She has been blogging for quite some time but I lost track of her blog for some reason and lately I’ve been reading her blogposts back and I think she is so creative and somehow a bit different from all the other blogs I read. And have you seen those eyes? Whoah, gorgeous colour.
If you didn’t know Kassie yet, I think you should look around on her blog some time. 😀

Did you know these blogs already? Are there any blogs you like a lot that you think people should see? Please let me know in the comments.


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  1. Those pictures both look amazing!! I’ll check them out as soon as i have more time for them:D
    One blog I enjoy reading but have only recently discovered is Make-up Zombie. A very nice American woman who also holds a contest on facebook which is called Never Too Much Sparkle.
    I like it^^

  2. I’m already following Kassie, but going to check out Mr Ralphie!!
    Always nice to find new blogs!

  3. Wauw, erg leuke blogs! Ben vooral gek van de looks van de 2e dame, zo mooi! Geweldige kleuren. 😀

  4. i love seeing what other people follows, one can find such talented bloggers out there through other persons! i love kassies blog, but haven’t heard of rachel so let me check her out!!
    thanks so much and oh btw, have a nice weekend!/Azure

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