Black diamonds

I made this eye look with my holographic Effect Powder by Gosh in mind. I wanted to do something fun, sparkly and with rhinestones. Preferably not wearable but over the top and artsy fartsy. 😉 I think I succeeded…

I used the holo glitter on the lid and on top of that I added little black rhinestones. I placed most of them on the outer corner of the eye and worked toward the inner corner. Unfortunately the rhinestones got out of their place a bit because I can’t keep my eyes open for an hour without getting dry eyes. Blinking is not exactly a choice you have.

I used the Catrice false lashes, one on the upper lashline and one on the bottom lashline and because of the long feather thingies on the lashes it looked really cool.

I usually try to avoid taking pictures with flash because it totally screws up the colours of a look. But with holographic glitter it makes them sparkle so I felt I had to. I also added the glitters in the brow which you can see best on the picture above. When I see pictures like that it makes me want to use glitter more often. Unfortunately I don’t own a lot of glitter. 😦

This last picture is my personal favourite. It shows the holographic glitter, the lashes and it makes my eyecolour pretty light because of the flash. 😀

What do you think, you like? 😀 I thought it was pretty neat, even though the rhinestones got out of place.


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  1. Gorgeous! Gaaf gedaan met die steentjes op je ooglid…

  2. Wow zit er mooi uit. Maar steentjes op mijn ooglid lijkt me wel irritant!

  3. Wuhuuuuuuuwww!!! Gorgeous!!

    If you’re looking for great glitter for very little money, I suggest you take a look at Coastal Scents’ glitter! I have a lot of those, and the smallest bag you can purchase is soooooo huge you will really never use it up (unless you take a bath in it, I guess 😛 )

  4. Amazing! Truly stunning:)

  5. Very beautiful! Love what you did with the little stones on the lids ❤

  6. Geweldig! Dit is zeker een prachtige look! :O

  7. gosh! you need to do this more often! i love to see these types of looks from you!
    but hey, those rhinestones were so cool shaped! like drops! where are they from? didn’t find the brand of them!?
    and also, you need to but more glitter if you don’t own so much! if you want any glitter suggestions, just let us know okay!
    one can’t go through life without glitter!//Azure

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