Malteser and Oreo cupcakes.

I have always loved food and I also love to bake. So that’s pretty much a great combination, except when you look at it from the cellulite side of the story but let’s just forget about that. 😉 I usually make cupcakes with chocolate and nuts. Or would you call them muffins when you put stuff on the inside and not on the outside? Oh what do I care, they’re jummy and that’s the point.

But lately I’ve been looking for other things to put in the batter of the cupcakes and I walked through the isle with the chocolatey goodness and I saw a big bag of Maltesers. Lightbulb: malteser cupcakes!!!

Maltesers, you taste so good!!!

I simply put the maltesers in the batter. I made chocolate and vanilla, put the maltesers in and scooped it in the little paper thingies. You can use one of those mixes where you simply add water or something but I hate those, they never taste truly the way I want them to. So I make it from scratch with flour, eggs, sugar and all that. That way you can decide for yourself how dry or wet you want the batter to be. If you add “wet” ingredients to the batter like pieces of orange, banana or other fruits you make the batter a little more dry.

Anyway, this is what the cupcakes looked like.

Vanilla on the bottom, chocolate on the top.

Chocolate on the bottom, vanilla on top. And Maltesers.

So very tasty!

These may be looking good, they taste even better! The combination of vanilla with chocolate and crunchy caramel goodness. If you ever bake cupcakes you should really try these, I know I’ll make them more often.

So I looked around on Pinterest and I saw these awesome Oreo cupcakes. I think Oreo’s are a tiny bit overrated but I couldn’t wait to try these in cupcakes.

I took some homemade batter and added some chocolate sprinkles(hagelslag), some chunks of dark chocolate and I put 1 Oreo cookie in the middle.

A little bit of batter...

...Oreo on top of that...

... a little more batter on the Oreo...

...baked delicious little treat.

It looks fun and it tastes even better.

It tastes sooooo good! Even better than just Oreo’s.

I think everybody that ever bakes cupcakes or something like it should try this. It’s very simple, you can totally wow people with it and even if you decide to pull a Gollem and keep them all for yourself; they’re worth the effort. 😀

I thought it was fun to share something like this. I try new things with cupcakes but I also love to bake other stuff. Would you like to see more blogposts like this? Are you going to try the Malteser or Oreo cupcakes? Anything else you think I should cram in some cupcakes? Please let me know in the comments!


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  1. Yum!!! Dankje voor dit artikel 😀
    Denk dat ik deze vandaag ga maken voor mijn verjaardag!

  2. Ohhh hmm die Oreo cupcakes zien er jummy uit!

  3. I am going to try out both recipes:)

  4. My god ! Dat ziet er zo lekker uit 🙂

  5. oh yeah, dat probeer ik ook eens, ziet er super lekker uit!

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