Smurf lips

I realised I have not been doing enough with my Sleek Pout Paints. I’ve had them for some time now and I only have one wearable colour called Port. The other two colours are Peek-a-bloo and Cloud, a blue and white colour to mix with the more regular colours to make them darker or lighter.

I’m going to order some of the “normal” colours later but I figured: why not try something with the other ones? I make eyelooks that are not wearable at all, just because it’s fun and people like those so I figured I’d experiment with these lipgoodies too. 😀

First I took Peek-a-bloo and applied it on my lips. Nothing special, just smurf blue lips.

After that I thought it needed some sparkle so I applied Gosh Holographic Effect Powder to it. It didn’t really do much good though… 😕

I wasn’t happy about this, it gave a little sparkle but I was looking for a more hysteric result. So I added a dark blue eyeshadow by Pupa to the inner area of the lips.

Now we’re getting somewhere. The blue is starting to look prettier and I like the depth the dark blue is giving. And the sparkles are standing out more now too. Let’s see what else I can do with this…

So I added a black eyeshadow to the middle of the lips with Sugarpill Stella. Stella is one of the most gorgeous black eyeshadows I’ve ever seen. It has amazing holo-like sparkles in it!

Jup, I’m actually starting to have fun with this. The black gradiates into the dark blue now and I think that looks really awesome. Especially with the glitters!

After that I wanted to make the outer lines even lighter so I got Sleek Cloud and applied that on the outer edges of the lips.

Hmm… Nah, it needs more. Let’s see what a cool lipgloss can add to the fun?!

I used Gosh Light’n Shine number 05 which is a gorgeous colour that goes between pink and purple and has fantastic pink glitters in it. The colour is sheer enough to let the blue through so that colour wouldn’t get lost.

This is such a cool colour, I love it! Check out all the tiny glitters in this lipcolour, isn’t it beautiful?

After this I applied another coat, just to see what that could do but I pretty much figured it wouldn’t add a lot of difference to the look. It just made the different colours blend more into each other.

I thought this was a lot of fun to do and I find myself thinking of things I can do with Cloud, the white colour. Something with rhinestones maybe? Here’s a cloes-up of the colour and the glitters. The holographic glitters really made the difference in the end, I think.

What do you think? Do you ever play around with lipproducts like this? Would you like to see more of these blogposts? Or do you think it’s completely useless? 😉 Do you want to see any kind of variations? Please let me know in the comments!


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  1. I absolutely love it! Wow!
    I still need to buy the pount paints. Want them so bad after seeing what you did with them.

  2. Wauw dit is echt heel cool, zeer gedurfd! Mooi gedaan hoor 🙂

  3. Now there’s a lovely pout! Very well done, Lisanne.

  4. I love these kinds of blogpost! And I love your smurf lips! Did you wear it out? I think blue hues are gorgeous on the lips but many people just stare at you when you’ve got some on!
    More of this please 😉

    • lol, thank you. 😀
      No, I didn’t wear it out, I had one of those days where you should actually stay inside and pull the sheets back over your head. This liplook made me feel better though 😀

      I’m so glad you like it, I’m going to think what else I can do with lip stuff.

  5. i really love this! definatly would like to see a blogpost like this again 🙂

    • Thanks, it actually got inspired by one of your blogposts with the Pout Paints. And the ladies from Eye Grafitti because they do “lip looks” like this too. 😉

  6. You have such a nice lip shape. I love this and the way you blogged it, with all the steps!

  7. Whaaah what a nice post, so much fun. I like it when you take us through all steps of your experiment. Next time, wear it to a party and you’ll be the queen! Thanks a lot.

  8. I…..LOVE…..THIS!!!!!

  9. lol, i absolutely loved watching you pile it on and seeing what a different it could make to the look. fabulous, i’d rock that pout for sure!

  10. Super mooi!
    Ik denk alleen wel dat ik hem zelf het mooiste vind nadat je Stella hebt aangebracht.
    Jouw lipvorm past ook echt perfect bij dit soort dingetjes!^^

  11. Haha evolution of lipgloss? Erg leuk om al die veranderingen te zien. Het eind resultaat deed me denken aan een melkweg of zo. Prachtig!

  12. Mildred Gilbert

    i want to see rainbow lips! i’d like to try that one day 😉

    • The moment I read your comment I had all kinds of ideas for rainbow lips. I’m going to try that some day. When my cold sore is gone!!! 😕

  13. MAN, this post is amazing. I love all the different looks. You’re a genius!

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