Which look needs a tutorial?

I got a lot of questions for tutorials lately, people want to see different looks broken down in tutorials with pictures. And it makes me very grateful you guys actually like my looks enough to ask for a tutorial but I won’t be able to do all of the looks. So I figured I would let you choose a look and the look with most votes will be made into a tutorial.

I picked some different looks and who knows, maybe Ill do it like this more often. Maybe even do a poll like this every month? I don’t know yet, time will tell. But for now, please vote for your favourite look and maybe it will get most votes and Ill do a picture tutorial on it. 🙂

These are the looks I picked, if you click the picture it will get you to the blogpost about it.

Inspirated, not imitated: Mistress of colors

Purple smokey number 2

Purple smokey… first attempt

Graphite Party Look

The pinks and the black

90 years of grandma

Sugar for a queen

The poll will be open for a week. After that you can probably still vote but it won’t matter for the outcome. I’m very curious to see which look you want to see in a tutorial. It will probably end up to be a completely different look from the one I would have picked, it usually doesn’t go the way I expect it to go. lol

Good luck voting! If you want to, you can also leave me a comment. Tell me which look you voted for and why, if there’s something special you like about that particular look. Perhaps I can do something like that again. It’s fun for me to find out what you like about my looks. 😀

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  1. i like all your looks.

  2. the first look of course, mainly because the variety of colours! so yes i voted for it!!/Azure

  3. It’s inspired, not inspirated 😉

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