Primark haul!

Some time ago my collegue Nathalie and I got the brilliant idea to go visit Primark. We both have a love for bargains and we had never been to any of their stores but we had heard it’s really cheap clothes so we had to see with our own eyes. Unfortunately Primark is far away from out town so we had to plan this on a day we both had free from work. We finally got to go last week and I just wanted to show you what I spend my money on. 😀

I had very low expectations of the store because stories I had heard were about how the store would be a complete mess and the clothes were bad quality. I was prepared for a disappointment but I’m really happy with the stuff I bought!

I can not resist anything peacock!! So when I saw this hairband with a peacock feather for the shocking amount of money of 2 euro’s I had to have it. I don’t usually wear headbands but that might change. And if it doesn’t I can always use the feathers to make an earring or something.

Before we went to the store I had seen some hauls online from Primark and I had already seen this necklace. I really wanted to have it and I was happy they still had it. I used to wear little necklaces with a hanger a lot but I’m starting to like the big necklaces more and more so this one is perfect.

I don’t wear hairpieces a lot, mainly because I’m pretty happy with my own hair and I don’t mean to offend anyone but I think it usually looks fake. But these are superbright purple and I love that. And it doesn’t pretend to be real hair in that colour either, which I like. lol And they were so very cheap I just had to try it. They’re longer than my own hair so maybe I’ll have to cut a little bit off.

I had decided to go a little bit outside of my comfort zone while shopping at Primark and even though I would normally walk past these kind of flowery clothes, I just decided to try this one. It’s very light fabric and I think it’s perfect for my work because our building tends to get very warm and it’s pretty “neutral” which is perfect for my job.

I love lace but somehow I don’t have a lace top yet. And this one is so cute and most of all: so very cheap. Because it’s laying on the ground it looks like the top half is less transparant but it just looks that way. I’ll post an outfit with this top sometime so you can see.

This little black dress has one “normal” shoulderstrap and one double. It looks nice, a subtile different touch. And because you can never have too many LBD’s, I took this one with me. I had to take a size M because it fitted a bit too tight around my “Kardashian shaped butt” so now I’ll have to fit the waist a bit but that’s ok. With my sewing machine that’s a pretty easy task.

Cow PJ’s!!! I really liked the “Approach with Caution” text and it was only 8 euro’s. My old pajama’s got a little too old and I just recently realised I have been wearing it for at least 10 years but I think it’s been even longer. So time for something new.
I think this one’s so ugly it’s funny. Too bad it’s one of those sets where you can’t get a separate size pants, these are a little short. Or my limbs are too long, it really depends on how you look at it.

This is THE best buy I did at Primark. It reminds me of a vintage dress the grandmother of my love gave me but this is a short version. I’m going to do an outfit of the day with this one. 😀

I know, I know, these are absolutely awful. I needed new slippers and it was a choice between these and ones with hearts and teddybears. They are soooooo very warm and fluffy, I really like them. But they look ridiculous. 😀

I thought these stockings would be so sexy! I haven’t wore them yet but they are a size small (bigger sizes were sold out) so I think I better wear a tight boxer over these otherwise the crotch will be between my knees after about 2 steps and I hate it when that happends. But other than that: yay for sexy tights!

And last are some products I picked up along the way to the cash register. I like those cleansing wipes to clean my brushes a bit, to get rid of fall out and all that stuff. And these travel jars are great, we’re going to Poland next month and we’re travelling with hand baggage only so I think these might come in handy.

What do you think, good haul? I’m looking forward to wearing the little flower dress.
2 more collegues, Nathalie and I already planned a new Primark shopping day in a couple of months, so yay!

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  1. Good haul! Next time you visit Primark do NOT buy their cottonwool pads- they disintegrate as soon as they see as much as a drop of water!

  2. Yeah had a nice day! You bought verry nice things, very colorful! Allready looking forwart to june, when we go again!

  3. Yaaaay!
    I went to primark when I was in London last year. It’s pyjama walhalla, I tell ya! *LOL*

    Ow and that dress!! The ‘vintage’ one! Will you please do a OOTD with that too?
    I’d love to see how it looks on you! Gorgeous!

    Great haul! 😀

  4. Ohh dat haar extension ding… TOF! Kan je gewoon een dagje gekleurde lokken in hebben :D. Echt leuk! En de rest ook 🙂

  5. I love primark. I got some really great foundation brush in cool colours for just a couple of pounds. Looks like found a couple of bargains.

  6. Erg leuke aankopen! Dat jurkje is inderdaad heel erg leuk en ook de zebraslofjes zijn helemaal mijn ding.

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