The terror that is nightshifts

Right now I’m probably sleeping. I’m having 5 nightshifts at work and even though that’s not the most terrible thing in the world, I do have a thorough hate for these nights with 9,5 hours of work.

When I work nightshifts I basically can’t put myself to do anything. It seems my brain turns to mush and all I’m capable of is having very lame conversations with my colleagues, ordering people back into their bed with a very serious face and looking at some kind of screen like a zombie. Wether it’s a computer screen or a tv screen, that doesn’t really matter. As long as it’s bright lights and colours, moving from time to tome, I’m ok.

But I don’t get a lot of constructive work done. So I thought I’d just let you guys know an update is coming but not in the next few days.

To make matters even worse for little ol’e moi, they started working on all the houses in our street. The roofs were getting old and had to be replaced and even though I’m thrilled this is actually being done, I’m a bit cranky about the fact they have to do it now. Earlier this month it was snowing so they couldn’t start the work yet but now it started to melt away so they figured they best get right on those big ass roofs.

It means very big noisy men with very big noisy cars that do…. Well, you probably guessed it: noisy stuff. I’d be a bit bummed if I had free days because I wouldn’t be able to sleep in but I’m not the biggest drama queen in the world so I’d be able to get over that fast and just get back to being happy. But now they’re working on our roofs when I have to work at night. And sleep by day. They start their work at half past 7 in the morning, which is about the time I get to go home and lay my zombie-head to rest. I wake up easily when I have to sleep in daytime so this one is going to be a huge challenge for me. Let’s just see it as a challenge. 😕

Anyway, updates will come after the 22nd but if I get anything done before that, it’s just pure luck. Let’s not count on it, shall we? 😉
Untill later. Here’s some more lolcats. ‘Cause they’re cute!


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  1. My husband works shifts- and he’s always working nights whenever our horrible neighbour decides to do some serious DIY-ing:(

    • That’s awful! I always feel very sorry for myself in nightshifts, especially when noise is made. Get your man some earplugs, I found out those actually work. 😉

  2. Lovely kittys! Suc6 zuster!

  3. Heel veel sterkte meisje, ik zal aan je denken! (niet dat dat helpt maar meer kan ik niet doen, geloof ik)
    Dikke kus

  4. Oh my! Ik kan me voorstellen dat de komende dagen een uitdaging worden 😉 Ik heb echt mega veel respect voor mensen die nachtdiensten draaien!!

  5. awww, hope it’ll get better soon! i have some worker in my house building apartments on the addict so I know what noises you’re talking about!
    but make sure to get all the sleep you can, we’ll be waiting for you when you come back with your colourful looks!//Azure

    • You are just so very sweet. Unfortunately the workers kept me awake for a couple of days but I got through it and feel like I really earned my money, lol. But I’m glad it’s over for a couple of weeks.

  6. Sounds ruff! good luck…that IS a loud blanket 😉

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