Link love part 6

More link love!
Here’s another blogposts about some blogs I follow and that seriously inspire me. I got some really sweet comments on the last link love I did and it’s been a while ago so I figured I needed to write about some more lovely people out there who deserve every bit of attention they can get.

Hope you like them too!

Glitter Girl C

I found out about Cecilie a.k.a. Glitter Girl C a few days ago. And I think she is amazing so I just had to share her in a part of Link love. Cecilie is from Norway and I think she started her blog not too long ago. Actually, I looked it up and we started blogging around the same time so she’s been having hers for a couple of months now.

What I really like about her blog is the more extreme looks. She makes looks with loads of glitter and she uses those glitters on her brows too. That may not be something everybody can get away with but she sure can, it looks gorgeous! She actually got me more into experimental looks. She rarely ever posts fullface pictures and I don;t actually miss them, the pictures of just the eye are great and so beautiful!
Please check out her blog, she updates quite regular so don’t miss any of her blogposts.

Most Babealicious Makeup

The other lady is someone I’ve met on TheMakeupBee and she’s also very talented. She’s called Angela and she doesn’t have a blog but she posts her looks on her Facebook page and I love looking at her updates. She’s from San Jose and she does incredible make-up looks. They’re all so very colourful and pretty. This lady is not afraid to get some colour on her face and everything looks gorgeous on her. She also entered some of the Makeup Bee competitions and she actually made first place!

She’s also very creative in other ways, she has an Etsy webshop for different kinds of jewelry and I totally fell in love with her White Rabbit Cameo, so be sure you check that out.

I can’t really tell you a lot about Angela but if you follow her on Facebook you should really look at her make-up looks in her albums, I’m sure she’ll blow you of your socks.

I hope you like these ladies, please let me know in the comments if you already knew them or not. And if there are any other blogs I need to know about just link it in a comment.

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  1. I love these kinds of post! Always so nice to find other creative people out there! And both of them are just amazing and super talented!

  2. you have link amazing blogs!

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing my blog, Lisanne!! 😀 I’m glad you like my work! ^-^ I’m happy to hear that I got you more into experimental looks! 😉 I love your blog and Angela is a huge inspiration too! xoxo Cecilie. 🙂

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