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I got a package some days ago and it contained the amazing Kaleidoscope I showed you in another blogpost. But als… Scaredy Cat!!! I’ve been reading so much about this brand and I was very curious about it. I have 6 jars and I wanted to show you some swatches.

But first, about the jars: those are the coolest! Each colour has it’s own triangular shaped jar with different drawings and pictures on it. Hera for example has pictures of it from a cartoony Hera with…. wait for it…. peacocks! I love peacocks and even when I didn’t notice the awesome jar yet, I already fell in love with this colour. Amanita is a kind of mushroom so obviously it has mushrooms on it. Hegderow has the cutest hedgehog and so on.

I made pictures of the jars from every angle but the top, those are the same on all of them 😉 . As you can probably guess, this is a picture heavy and long blogpost. So if you want to see swatches and the packaging and some comparisons to Sugarpill Cosmetics, please keep on reading.

On to pictures, shall we?

The first of 6 colours I own is Amanita.
I really like this colour, it reminds me a little bit of Gosh Limelight. Limelight is an all time favourite of mine and Amanita is not the same but it has some similarities in it. It’s a bit green, a bit gold and somehow a little orange hue in it. I think it’s so beautiful and it combines great with a lot of colours because with green and gold it blends in really well but with opposite colours like blue or purple it stands out and really draws attention to your eyes.
Like I said: Amanita is a kind of mushroom so there are mushrooms on the packaging. Isn’t that cute?
If you are someone who likes to wear intense colours on her eyelids that pop, you might want to think about buying Amanita. 😀

Scaredy Cat Amanita swatch

Next is Caledonia. This is a gorgeous forest green and I own some of these colours and I never get tired of them. This one looks quite a lot like the next colour called Hera but it is different because Hera is more grey. This is intense green, like christmas tree green. So pretty!
Caledonia is also the name the romans gave Scotland (hooray for Wikipedia 😉 ) and their also places in the US. But I like how the packaging makes me think of green Scotland so that’s what I’m going with.

Scaredy Cat Caledonia swatch

This is Hera. I didn’t know what colour it was but I already fell in love with it. I’m a total nerd forMythology so I really liked the name. There should be more brands out there with Greek god names! Maybe Scaredy Cat can do a collection about that some day. That would be cool… The name is perfect for this colour though, we all know Hera was green with envy, right? 😀

Anyway, before my mind wanders again: Hera has a lot of similarities to Caledonia but it’s a lot more grey and I think that’s so beautiful. When you combine it with grey it gives that fantastic grey sheen to it but when you combine it with other vibrant colours it gives a little more grey to the look that makes it more calm and not so “in your face”. I could go on and on about this one but it’s just beautifl. See for yourself.

Scaredy Cat Hera swatch

Meet the lovely Hedgerow! I didn’t really get the images on this one because a hedgerow is something different from a hedgehog. But who cares, it’s a cute little hedgehog. I’m just picky when it comes to these little details.

Hedgerow is a light beauty with a gorgeous greenish blue shimmer. These colours are great to use in a look as, for example, a highlighter. But they work even better on darker colours or on a dark base. They really give a great surprise effect when you put them over another eyeshadow. You can see this with another product I used in *this* look.

Scaredy Cat Hedgerow swatch

This light purple beauty is called Smooze. It is a beautiful lavender colour with a great shimmer that makes this colour pop. I like combining colours like these with other purples, greens or blues.
The packaging is pretty with yellow and purple curls and waves. I like it but it’s not as extremely interesting as some of the other ones.

Scaredy Cat Smooze swatch

And last but not least: this one is called Mythic. I guess the Scaredy Cat people have a thing for mythology too. And let’s be honest: this colour is truly mythic. It’s a very rich and deep purple and I actually don’t think I have a purple like this.
The packaging is very nice with the curlywurly and blue and green. I really like it and I think it goes well with it’s name.

Scaredy Cat Mythic swatch

All of these jars have a little sifter on it, which I actually like a lot. When you don’t have a sifter you easily pick up too much product on your brush and that will give you fall out. The little caps are easy to remove and you can put the pigment in there if you want to pick some up on your brush. They really thought about how they wanted to wrap these great pigments and I like that a lot.

I thought some of these colours looked very familiar  so I swatched them next to some of the pigments that I already owned so you can see the difference but also the similarities.

Below you can see Smooze swatched at the top and Sugarpill Weekender on the bottom. They look very much alike but Weekender is like the hyperactive sparkly little sister of Smooze. They both apply great but one is a little more toned down than the other.

At the top: Smooze. At the bottom: Sugarpill Weekender

When I saw Hedgerow I thought it was beautiful and I didn’t really think it would have a lookalike. But how wrong could I be? Of course, this is so much like Sugarpill Lumi!
The pigment from Scaredy Cat is a tiny little bit more fine than Sugarpill Lumi but other than that they are dead on dupes. And both gorgeous must haves! You need at least one of these lovelies in your stash, trust me. 😉

Sugarpill Lumi at the top and Scaredy Cat Hedgerow at the bottom

I also swatched Hera and Caledonia next to Junebug from Sugarpill because I wasn’t sure which one of these beautiful greens would match. If they would at all. And I found out they are pretty close but not the same. The Scaredy Cat products are lighter. Caledonia is lighter and Hera is close but also a bit lighter than Junebug.
I’m actually happy about this because I like colours that are close but not the same because it’s nice to combine them in looks.

From left to right: Scaredy Cat Caledonia, Sugarpill Junebug and Scaredy Cat Hera

That’s about it for these swatches. I already mde some looks with these Scaredy Cat products and I’ll get those online in the next few days. I got these products from Enchantra so be sure to check out their website. I don’t know if they ship everywhere in the world but they do ship to the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany for example. I think you can get Scaredy Cat in the US from Etsy.

What do you think of these products? What colour do you like most? And what do you think of the comparing I did? Any of these Scaredy Cat products that you really want to see in a look? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. Tnx for your wonderfull review!

    (And yes, we ship worldwide ;))

  2. Mooie kleurtjes zeg! Vind de potjes heeel erg cute!

  3. this reminds me that i ordered sc’s eyeshadows quite a while ago. haven’t used them much because they’re in sample vials, which are cute but quite hard to get product out (always getting too little or too much). will have to use them more!

    • Hmm that’s too bad about the sample jars. I have jars like that from other brands and I don’t use those products a lot because of that problem. Maybe put the pigment in another jar so you’ll be able to use it more?

  4. ugh, hedgerow looked so amazing!
    such a thoroughly post of this weird looking pigments! but they looked so easy to like product and pigment all in all!
    i’m looking forward to some looks with them now haha!/Azure

    • I already have some looks ready with these pigments so they’re coming up! Hedgerow is such a great pigment, you need something like this in your stash 😀

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