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Smurf lips

I realised I have not been doing enough with my Sleek Pout Paints. I’ve had them for some time now and I only have one wearable colour called Port. The other two colours are Peek-a-bloo and Cloud, a blue and white colour to mix with the more regular colours to make them darker or lighter.

I’m going to order some of the “normal” colours later but I figured: why not try something with the other ones? I make eyelooks that are not wearable at all, just because it’s fun and people like those so I figured I’d experiment with these lipgoodies too. 😀

First I took Peek-a-bloo and applied it on my lips. Nothing special, just smurf blue lips.

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Which look needs a tutorial?

I got a lot of questions for tutorials lately, people want to see different looks broken down in tutorials with pictures. And it makes me very grateful you guys actually like my looks enough to ask for a tutorial but I won’t be able to do all of the looks. So I figured I would let you choose a look and the look with most votes will be made into a tutorial.

I picked some different looks and who knows, maybe Ill do it like this more often. Maybe even do a poll like this every month? I don’t know yet, time will tell. But for now, please vote for your favourite look and maybe it will get most votes and Ill do a picture tutorial on it. 🙂

These are the looks I picked, if you click the picture it will get you to the blogpost about it.

Inspirated, not imitated: Mistress of colors

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Sugar for a queen.

My love and I went out for some sushi. I love sushi and I’m so happy he does too. We go out to the restaurant a lot, and not just because I think their name is funny: Yammi Yammi. 😀 But they make REALLY good sushi.
Anyway, I wanted to do a look for it and I thought I’d give my Sugarpill babies a little more love.

Magpie had to be used because I have not had enough time to use it yet. Magpie is e pretty cool toned blue so I figured I’d use is with a very warm colour: Goldilux! Goldilux must be the most perfect warm golden colour I’ve ever seen. I added some Sugarpill Stella because I wanted to be able to define the crease a bit and Lumi for some inner corner highlighting.

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Blue Magpie

I told you about Sugarpill Magpie I got from the lovely Marjolein a.k.a. The Art Is Makeup and I promised her to make a look with it. Even if I hadn’t promised, I wouldn’t be able to resist. Whenever I have new make-up products, I really want to try them over and over again. 😀

I even said in the blogpost that a look would go online the next day. But then I made a booboo and it didn’t. So here’s the Magpie look, hope you forgive me for my tardyness.

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Primark haul!

Some time ago my collegue Nathalie and I got the brilliant idea to go visit Primark. We both have a love for bargains and we had never been to any of their stores but we had heard it’s really cheap clothes so we had to see with our own eyes. Unfortunately Primark is far away from out town so we had to plan this on a day we both had free from work. We finally got to go last week and I just wanted to show you what I spend my money on. 😀

I had very low expectations of the store because stories I had heard were about how the store would be a complete mess and the clothes were bad quality. I was prepared for a disappointment but I’m really happy with the stuff I bought!

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