Link love part 5

Ready for some link love? This is part 5 already, it’s going fast! And so many more cool blogs to check out.


The ladies from Eye Graffiti (yes, they’re 2, not 1 lady!!) are so creative and you can tell they just love having fun with their make-up. I don’t think I’ve seen them do a fullface picture yet so that makes me very curious. You only get to see what they’ve done with lipstick or eyeshadow, very mysterious! Another thing: I can’t find where they are from so they are very intriguing to me! My guess would be the UK but that’s just a wild guess.
But mystery aside they do some kick-ass make-up looks and because they both update very regularly there is always something fun to see. Please make sure you check out their website!

Lisa Eldridge

I’ve always loved a good tutorial and I’ve learned a LOT from the stuff that’s on Youtube. When people have good lighting, so you can really see what they do, and they explain what they’re doing you can pick up some great tips and tricks. I learned so much from Lisa Eldridge. She has an amazing style and it’s no wonder why she is tha shizz in the make-up world. Apart from the great tips, she comes across as a very sweet and beautiful lady who has awesome creativity.
Her style is not exactly always my taste but I don’t think that’s the point with her video’s, at least it isn’t to me. You can always give your own spin to a look but the techniques she uses and the explanation she gives is absolutely worth your time. She does video’s where she recreates looks that she did for photoshoots with famous models, she does video’s with basics but she also does regular tutorials on herself and models and wether you think the end result is wearable or not, there is always something you can learn from this awesome lady with her years and years of experience in the make-up business. Really, if you are not very familiar with her work or you want to learn more about make-up you need to look at her website and her video’s.

Hope you like these links, let me know what you think. Did you know the ladies from Eye Graffiti or Lisa Eldridge? What do you think of them? Any other links you recommend? Let me know in the comments. 😀

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  1. Lisa Eldridge ❤ zij is niet alleen goed maar ze heeft ook zo'n heerlijke stem/heerlijk accent!

  2. well this makes us really happy! gosh, thanks for these kind words and the link love!!
    glad you enjoyed our mysteriousness, but as in Zombieland: You gotta enjoy the little things! 😉
    And please receive these cyber hugs from us!!!!
    (Also, if you want us to be more crazy, you can always mail us or comment at our place about a request! There’s no limit…..)

    • You’re so very welcome, I’m glad you liked it.
      The last sentence in your comment made me think about a little dare or something? I’ll brood on that a little longer. But if you have any cool ideas, just let me know because I’d love to do something like that again. 😀

  3. thanks for sharing! i subbed to eyegraffiti =)

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