Black and white

This weeks showcase for NTMS was called Black & white! I had a lot of ideas for this challenge but I wanted to do something over the top so I did a lot of thinking about this theme. Then I thought of a MAC Facechart that has been in mijn inspirtational folder for a long time. This one:

I didn’t do the look exactly the same, I skipped the part where the pattern goes to her chin, so it’s basically just an eyemask. But I still liked the result and I added some rhinestones for the fun of it. After all: sparkly silver is almost white, right?

I didn’t use the curly pattern from the image but I just had some fun creating some curlywurly’s myself. After that I filled the lines in towards the middle with some more black. I filled the middle with white shimmery eyeshadow and I blended the colours together.

After that I added the eyeliner, some mascara and some rhinestones. I added some glitterliner on the edges of the mask. Last I put on some black lipstick.

That’s it! I really like the result even though it’s not at all wearable or even my neatest work at some points. But it’s about having fun with it and I sure had that with this look. I hope you like it too and make sure to check out Wendi’s blogpost about it around wednesday because that’s when she’ll probably post all of the entries for this weeks showcase.


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  1. Jee, gaaf man! Vooral dat gradiënt effect en de strakke lijnen, erg knap!

  2. juist leuk voor werk!

    nee grapje, mooi geblend chick

  3. Wow ff schrikken haha had ik niet verwacht! Maar heeeeeel gaaf!

  4. You’re such a wonderful make-up artist!

  5. Heel gaaf Lisanne!

    Ik denk dat een paar flinke lashes het helemaal af hadden gemaakt!

    • Ja klopt, maar ik had helemaal geen extreme wimpers die zwart zijn, alleen maar met een kleurtje en het thema was zwart en wit dus vandaar dat ik ze achterwege heb gelaten. 😀

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