Inspirated, not imitated: Mistress of colors

I always look around for new blogs to spot. I just love it when I find a blog that really inspires me and I’ve stumbled upon a lot lately! I already told you about her in link love part 4. She calls her blog Mistress of Colors and she’s so creative! I love how she combines colors and I wanted to do something with orange so I did a look that was inspired by *this* look from Mistress of Colors.

I love the combination of orange and blue and green! I believe I just found myself a new addiction: orange eyeshadow. I’m going to try this with purple soon.

I used a lipstick that was a bit orangy with pink and I like how they combine.

I hope you like this look, I’m going to try this combination again but just shuffle the colours around, I wonder what that will look like.

Let me know what you think in the comments, please!

Used products


  • Hema Eyeshadow Base
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil, colour Milk
  • Sleek Circus palette
  • Urban Decay Sabbath
  • Sugarpill Midori
  • MAC Gelliner Blacktrack
  • MAC Gelliner Midnight Blues
  • Gosh Kohl / Eye Pencil Black
  • Gosh Show Me Volume, Carbon Black


  • No 7 Instant Radiance Foundation, colour Porcelain
  • Gosh Natural Touch Cream Blusher Brown Dash
  • Gosh Natural Touch Cream Blusher Pink Rush


  • Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick, colour

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  1. A very bold look- I like it

  2. love the orange on you!
    personally i’m not really a fan of a cut-crease, but for this look it does work…

    • I know, the cur crease looks were never a look I especially liked. And then all of a sudden I got cut-crease fever and now I do those looks more then other ones, lol

  3. Interesting! Bold and powerful. I think I might just really like it! Wonder how it would look on me 🙂 Yeah, inspiration cycle continues!

  4. Very different, but also very pretty…

  5. My gosh you look amazing in this combo! Nice job. I love teal and orange together!

  6. I really like this color combo you chose. It’s different but fits together great!

  7. I like the eyes a lot but I personally dont like the color of the lipstick with those colors. I personally think a nude lip or a soft peach would look better

    • I think you might be right, but nude lips look absolutely horrific on me. I’ll try a look like this with a lighter lippy some day. Thanks 😀

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