Link love part 4

As I browse the web for inspiration and new blogs, it always surprises me how many great bloggers there are out there. I already knew the bloggin’ community is huge because of my experiences with Dutch blogging but that was mainly limited to Dutch blogs. Now that I look for more blogs with looks and Eye Of The Days, it’s overwhelming to see all those creative lovelies out there.

Mistress of Colors

One of my favourite new “discoveries” is another lady who writes in Polish so I don’t understand a single thing she writes. 😀

But her looks are so totally worth the visit and she makes fantastic pictures. Her blog is called “Mistress of colors” and she does very beautiful things. She draws a gorgeous eyeliner that gives her a pin-up look but just as easily she gets away with bold purples or blues and massive eyelashes. Add to all that fun that she has amazing green eyes and you got yourself some picture material that will make you drool.
It might not be attractive to everybody because you’ll need Google translate to understand her, but she’s worth a click. I made a look that was inspired by one of hers, I’ll post it soon!

Zarrin Henna

Another amazing blogger I found recently is Zarrin Henna. She’s amazing and does fan-tas-tic pictures, make-up, henna tattoos and much more.  Actually Actually, I don’t think her main focus is the blogging, it’s more about the make-up art and the  pictures that she puts on her website but regardless: If you love make-up, you need to see this.

I can’t really tell a lot about her because I just found het website and her artwork but if you like inspiring pictures I hope you’ll look at her site.

I hope you like these sites! I have a lot more to write about but that’s for later because time has been an issue lately and I’d like to spend it on my couch right now 😉
Let me know what you think about these blogs!


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