My Lunar Eclipse

I told you before about a Facebook group that I’m in and there was a weekly showcase with this weeks theme: lunar eclipse!!
I loved the theme but I barely had any time to work it out so I did it in a bit of a hurry yesterday morning. I like how it turned out though, it’s not wearable but it was fun to make and it actually had some resemblance to the inspiration picture I used so that’s good. 😀

Here’s the inspirational picture I used. I loved the very small strip of moon and the surrounding stars.

I only did one eye so no fullface shots, but this one was about the theme and the fun to have with it so I figured it didn’t need to be an entire fullface look.

I made some pictures in indirect sunlight because I usually find it gives me the best light.

But then I saw the sun was shining bright and I figured it would give the glitters a good chance to really pop out and give their best imitation of the stars. It made the eyeshadow a bit more brownish but the glitter… oh my stars!

I like this picture most, it’s taken in the sunlight so it sparkles bit it doesn’t have that yellow light the sun gave.

So what do you think of this weekly showcase? How do you like my interpretation?
I really liked how it turned out and I’m glad I just did the one eye, it gives me so much more time to do something like this because a fullface is way more time-consuming! Do you like looks like these with just one eye or do you think I need to stick with the fullface stuff?
Please let me know what you think and let me know if you like my lunar eclipse 😀


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  1. I really love how the crescent is a little hidden when your eyes are open but it pops out as your eyes are closing. I love the interpretation and how well it’s done!

  2. This totally fits the theme perfectly 🙂 I think one eye looks are just as great too, it’s much easier to focus on one eye in greater detail when taking photos, and of course, saves time 😛 The glitter here really makes me think of space. I really ought to try glitter again, but am always scared to.

    • I don’t use glitter a lot either, this is a special holographic glitter liner bij Gosh. If you don’t like to use loose glitter, maybe you could try by starting with glitter liners and dabbing those over your eyeshadow. It’s a lot easier to use and a bit more “glitter light”. Gives you a little time to get used to glitter bling bling, I’m sure you’ll grow to love it 😉

  3. When I comment on your eye looks I tend to come up with adjectives like awesome, breathtaking and stupefying. I need a thesaurus to be more original:)

    Who shoots your pictures?

    • lol So far, your comments still make me very happy, not boring at all! Thanks for leaving me so many comments, it means a lot to me.
      Who shoots my pictures? Well…. me! 😀

  4. Heel apart, erg mooi!

  5. Wow heel erg mooi!! Gaat dat witte niet langzaam weg als je knippert met je ogen?

  6. This is really pretty! Wow. Thanks for sharing.

  7. looks amazing! really love it 🙂

    • How cool that you comment on my blog! Ok, now I sound like a dork, sorry for that. 😉 But I really enjoy your blog and it’s just so much fun to see that the people I look up to a little bit actually find their way to my blog too. 😀

  8. My god lady..This is so gorgeous!

  9. in één woord: WAUW!!

  10. Oh, I love it, sooooo pretty! Totally different and I love these sparkles 🙂

  11. Duister maar heel erg mooi 🙂

  12. Wauwie, I love it!
    Loooovvve what you did with the little moon!

  13. Zo knap gedaan ! Echt origineel.

  14. Deze vind ik echt prachtig! Heel mysterieus!

  15. Stunning! I love how you made a moon shape on your eyes, it really accentuates the whole make up look!

  16. This is just divine! I love everything about it!

  17. Love this.

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