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A lot of weeks ago I saw a hashtag on Twitter that I didn’t understand but that a lot of people in my timeline used: #STS2011. I asked around and it turned out to be about Sectret Twitter Santa 2011, I had seen Secret Santa stuff on forums before but I didn’t know that it was organised on Twitter too. It goes like this: you register and you get added to the group and after some time you get an email about who you have to be Secret Santa for. You buy for about €15 of gifts and you can add extra stuff if you want but that’s entirely up to you.

Everybody makes their wishlist on Elfster and you anonymously get to ask each other questions about the presents you want to get or buy and stuff, it’s really fun!
I usually have real difficulty choosing what presents to buy for other, am I the only one that has that? I choose something that I’ll think they really like and then I get insecure about it and I’m afraid they will hate it (which has never happened to me, but what if they hate it this time?!?! OMG!!) and it’s actually ridiculous because I put as much thought in my gifts as I possibly can and that’s all you can do, right?
Anyway, it’s kinda neat that you get to ask (anonymously) about the gifts the other person wants because that way I couldn’t really mess up. 😉

So in the week before Christmas we all received our gifts and at 9 o’clock on December 24th we got to unwrap. You have to make pictures (it’s not optional) and I got some awesome stuff!!

I put things on my wishlist that I really wanted to try but that I wouldn’t easily buy for myself because I think those are the best gifts. I also tried to put things on my list that were a lot less expensive then €15 because I LOVE  “a lot of little things” gifts. 😀

I got my present and when I unwrapped it was funny to me how people can get you gifts that are even better then the ones I would have picked for myself because they are just a bit out of my comfort zone but close enough to what I wanted to be totally awesome. 😀

I found out from the card that my gift came from the lovely Ilja from Beauty Polish. I’ve known her online for some time now and I was happy to read she was my santa.

She got me all these neat gifts that I love:

First she got me one of those round tunnel scarves, I put that on my wishlist because I was the last person in the world to not own one… I have no idea what the right English word is so I hope you guys understand what I mean. I googled “tunnel scarf” and I got the right pictures so I guess I’m not that far of, lol. It’s a bit of a greyish/brown colour and I don’t think I would have bought this colour myself but that’s because I almost automatically go for black. And I’m so happy Ilja chose this colour for me! Sometimes change is good. 😉 I’ve almost been living in it eversince I got it, supersoft and comfy.

She also bought me 2 sets of awesome false lashes. I haven’t been able to do looks with extravagant lashes on this new blog yet but I love falsies so these made me happy. One pair is from ELF and I heared some good stuff about those. Another pair is from Darling and these are so cool, they have different colours in them and little round glitters on the lashes. I’ll try and do a look with them as soon as I can because these can not go unused for long.

What surprised me was a little gadget with just Chinese (I guess?) writing on it. The pictures showed me it had something to do with false lashes. At first I thought it was a nifty little thing that helped you put your mascara on without dotting your eyelid with mascara. But as it turns out, that’s not it. It’s a little tool that helps you to put on the false lashes. Awesome!! I’ve seen these things on other blogs and I was thinking about ordering it but I just never dit somehow. And now I still have it. 😀
Ilja, can you read minds? 😉

Something that I was hoping for was in my Secret Twitter package: a Sleek Blush!! I have a lot of Sleek eyeshadow palettes but no blushes and I’ve read a lot of good stuff about these. I had to try it the same day and all the positive reavies I read are right: these blushes are so pigmented, so easy to blend out and so beautiful. I’m very, very happy with this item and I’ll definitely buy more Sleek blushes… Once I used up some of my old ones, because I own a LOT of blushes 😉

Ilja was also kind enough to include some samples of shampoo and conditioner. Those are already put to some good use because I carried those with me on our trip to Berlin: no shampoo bottles in luggage. 🙂

This was my Secret Twitter Santa experience, I LOVED it and I’m doing this again next year. Have you ever done anything like this? Do you like the products that were in my package? Any products you think I need to review? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. YES! I cán read minds ^_^ hihihi (just kidding) Happy to read that your enjoying your gifts…

    Hmm stom eigenlijk dat ik automatisch in het engels begin te antwoorden, dat kan natuurlijk ook in het Nederlands 😉 Maar ik ben blij dat je de kleur van de sjaal mooi vindt, ik was bijna voor zwart gegaan… maar die waren op!!

    Volgend jaar weer! xx Ilja

  2. Je bent lekker berwend door Santa Ilja, leuk 🙂 En welke Sleek blush heb je nu gekregen?

    • Flamingooooo! Een knalrose blush, ik had om die kleur gevraagd omdat rosetinten mij beter staan dan oranjetinten. 🙂

      • Ja die Sleek blushes kunnen nogal heftig zijn inderdaad, haha 🙂 Gelukkig heb ik tegenwoordig een fan brush, daarmee kan ik het altijd mooi licht aanbrengen.

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