Wet ‘n Wild palette swatches!

I got some Wet ‘n Wild eyeshadow palettes and I wanted to swatch these but with the lighting of the past few weeks it’s been a bit difficult. I don’t swatch with lamplight because those swatches never turn out right. Finally I had a quiet day of and I got to the swatching, yay!

First of all is the palette Baked, not fried. It’s from Wet ‘n Wild and I’m not too crazy about the packaging of the eyeshadows because opening it is a bit more difficult then I’m used to. These eyeshadows also tend to lose a lot of shadow when you take your brush over it. But for their price, they’re worth it!

This one has bronze and gold an brown colours in it. I wasn’t sure about this one at first but now I use it a lot. I’m very happy with it.

These are the first 2 shadows from bottom to top of the palette. They’re the darkest ones. I especially like the left colour, a bit red/brownish, very pretty in a look when you have green or blue eyes.

I was not impressed by these eyeshadows. I think these would work best as highlighter but I don’t like very shimmery highlighters and these are a bit “chunky” too. I’m going to try these in a look someday but I wasn’t blown away.

Without a base, these colours were not amazing, with a base (like on the swatch picture) I really like these colours. Especially the orange/bronze ones. I don’t know about the very light/white colour yet…

This palette has some colours in it that I simply use in a lot of looks and some that I always skip. I’m still very happy with it though 😀

Petal Pusher is purple, so that equals awesome.

Petal pusher has a large variety of colours and at first I fell for the purple shades and as it turns out I use some of the other ones way more. What always get me a bit annoyed is when a brand tells me where to use what colour, it makes me stubborn. But other than that it’s a great palette, the eyeshadows are not all the same when it comes to pigmentation, though.

From the right row of the palette I figured I would use the dark colours a lot but I also really, really like the brownish pink shade to blend out colours in the crease and above. The glitters in the dark eyeshadows are fantastic too but those will give a little fall out.

The purple colours are great on the moving lid, they’re so vibrant when combined with other eyeshadows! The other 2 colours are a bit less impressive in pigmentation but they make a nice highlighter.

And last but not least, it’s the other baked palette called Baked-off contest

This one was particularly exciting to me because of the gorgeous dark blue eyeshadow. I still haven’t been able to use it in a look because I’ve been superbusy eversince I got these palettes in the mail but I’m looking forward to some free days when I get to go wild with the blue beauty.

I think over a white or maybe black base, for example NYX Jumbo Pencil, this colour blue will totally rock.

I like this lighter blue and greyish eyeshadow a lot too. I got so many ideas to combine this!

These colours didn’t really do anything for me, they’re light and sparkly and I’ll definitely use them but I’m not falling off my chair because of them yet, you know what I mean?

I hope you liked these swatches! What palette is your favourite? What combinations do you think I should do? Please let me know in the comments.


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  1. I like the Petal Pusher palette best because of the lovely colours. Bake-Off Contest looks so pretty- the photograph is like a picture of a galaxy far far away:)

  2. Vind de blauwe het mooist! Zijn wel veel lichte kleuren vind ik..

  3. Ik heb van W&W het Petal Pusher en het Comfort Zone palette meegenomen tijdens mijn laatste VS familiebezoek, en Comfort Zone is absoluut mijn favoriet. Maar Petal Pusher vind ik ook erg mooi (en al helemaal voor $5 😀

    • Oeh Comfort Zone is ook mooi! Ik zou willen dat ze deze producten ook in NL (weer) verkochten. We lopen een hoop mooie make-up zo mis 😦

      • Inderdaad. Ik lees dat de W&W blushes ook al zo mooi zijn. Zo gek dat ze het niet meer verkopen hier.

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