More swapping: Wet ‘n Wild makes me happy!

I showed you my first swap some time ago and a little later my second package arrived!!
There was a lovely Essence collection last month called Vampires Love and 2 ladies in the US wanted all of the polishes. I sent them the polishes and we agreed they would send me some Wet ‘n Wild goodies. Yaaaaay!

So just like that, my second swap became reality and we were sending messages about the contents of the packages and I got really excited about it. A few days ago it finally arrived at my house.

I asked for some Wet ‘n Wild palettes because I don’t know the brand. I know of it because it used to be sold in the Netherlands but they decided not to sell here a long time ago. Big mistake!
So now I have 2 palettes with baked eyeshadow by Wet ‘n Wild, 1 normal palette with fantastic colours en 3 polishes. And she added a really cool ring and 1 gr. of Spectraflair, I really need to figure out how to use the spectraflair but it’s holo-mazing so no matter what: I’m in love.

I asked her to send me polish Behind Closed Doors and Ready To Pounce and she added the third lacquer Jungle Fever, so sweet!! I don’t know if she knew about my fetish for green polishes but it made me very happy. I haven’t been able to try these polishes yet but I’ll do some swatches when I get to it. The weather around here sucks like there’s no tomorrow so a lot of pictures will probably turn out too dark but I’ll do my best. 🙂

The palettes are amazing, I’m so happy with them! I need more, mmmmooooooaaaar! I really wanted to try both the baked eyeshadows and the normal palettes and I’m happy that I got to try them now. Now it’s just a matter of doing more swaps because the price is amazing and they’re really worth the trouble. 😉

And some pictures of the ring ans Spectraflair, simply because I can 😉

I didn’t have time to do swatches so those will come some other time. Like I said, lighting sucks at this time of year so the pictures wouldn’t come out too fabulous anyway. When I have time and good light I’ll make the swatches! And of course there will be looks with these palettes, I can’t wait!

With what palette do you want to see a look? And what polish do you think will be the best? Please let me know in the comments.


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  1. Dat bruine palletje, daar ben ik wel beieuwd naar!

  2. Ooooh spectraflair! I you add some of that to a clear topcoat, you get the most amazing holo topcoat you can imagine.

    And haha, I like the ring – and you know why 🙂

    • Oooohw is that what it’s about? Cool! I’ll try and find some more about it to figure out how much I should use XD
      And about the ring: I didn’t see the awesomness of the ring untill you left! So cool…

  3. Oeh lovely!!
    I have the W’nW vanity palette, which is gorgeous too!
    Would love to see a look with Petal Pusher.

    Never heard about Spectraflair!? Looks amazing! Would like to see more of that!

  4. I’m not really into eyeshadow palettes, but I love the polishes.

  5. Ben ontzettend benieuwd naar die palettes, hopelijk werkt het licht snel mee ;). Leuke swap!

    • Dank je, er word aan gewerkt, binnenkort swatches en hopelijk ook nog een keer looks. Als mijn baas besluit dat ik ook eens een vrije dag mag hebben dan gaat dat wel een keer lukken 😉

  6. Wow die ring is ook echt prachtig!

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