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Link love part 5

Ready for some link love? This is part 5 already, it’s going fast! And so many more cool blogs to check out.

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Lime Crime Kaleidoscope

Some time ago I received a package from Enchantra. It had some of the Scaredy Cat products in it that they have in their webshop. But it also contained one of the most beautiful lipglosses that I’ve ever seen: Kaleidoscope!

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Once Upon A Time

This series is just so fantastic that I had to write something about it. It has had me in it’s fairytale claws for days now and my love and I are absolute Once Upon A Time addicts now!

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Rouge ocean magpie

I made this look for work, we both slept in because it was weekend but I had to work a late shift so I got the time to go wild with some pigments. I love it when I just get to take my time for it.

I chose my collection of pigment samples and I chose some pretty dark colours. I had no idea if the dark red would work with dark blue because those are both colours I would not pick as a first choice. But you have to try different thing, right?

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My latest distraction

On my birthday I got the best birthday present EVER!

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