My first swap… EVER

Some time ago I got added to a great Facebook group and someone asked me if I could pick up some Essence Vampire Love products for her. It turned into a swap and I thought that in return, she was going to send me Urban Decay pigment swatches. Since I already have a pretty huge make-up stash, I didn’t really need that much so I had low expectations.
To me it was fun getting mail from the US. That doesn’t happen very often to me. It’s the little thing in life, right? πŸ˜‰

It turned out she was sending me the full packages of the pigments, I was NOT expecting that. But I love every bit of them so I want to show them and swatch them for you. I didn’t intent to do things like swatching and reviewing on this blog I’m really excited about these pretties. πŸ˜€

To me, the packaging was a surprise. They’re pretty heavy but very nice. Pretty much a case of “love at first sight”.

The jars are so pretty! Very stylish and what surprised me most was that it contained a little brush!

This type of jar with a brush has upsides and downsides. I like the brush, the quality is not bad so it’s easy when you’re travelling or something. But I prefer my own brushes. This one picks up a huge amount of pigment and because it’s not worked into the brush you get a lot of fallout. The idea is nice but it just doesn’t work as well as it probably should have.

On to swatches!

Urban Decay Gunmetal

Gunmetal swatch

Gunmetal is a gorgeous grey and silver pigment that has a dark base. I love it because it has a very beautiful shimmer and it works amazing in the crease because of the dark hue it has.

Urban Decay Protest

Protest swatch

Protest is a superdark green colour. So green it’s almost black, but not quite… I think it fits the name perfectly and I like the little sparkles in it but if you blend a lot those will give you fallout, the same for Gunmetal by the way.

Urban Decay Rockstar

Rockstar swatch

When I swatched this pigment I think I turned into smeagol. Looking at the beauty of it with glistening eyes, turning my back to the door so nobody could just come in and take my precious pigment from me. Filthy humanses… I have to hide it so it won’t be stolen!

Really, look at it!!!! Isn’t it all kinds of fabulous? Rockstar immediately stole my heart and I don’t care that the glitters in it will land on my cheeks and I’ll have to clean up the nasty fallout. This is amazing!

My swap-buddy also send me a bronzer from Ulta. I didn’t have any experience with this brand but I knew about its existence.

Ulta bronzer

Ulta bronzer

Ulta bronzer swatch

The bronzer looks amazing and is quite pigmented so I’ll have to be careful with this colour because it could turn me into an orange if I use too much of this. lol.

Needless to say I’m so very happy with these products and it got me hooked on swapping. πŸ˜€ I won’t always have the time or money to swap because sending packages to the US is expensive but more swaps will follow. And I’m planning on a swap with a lovely lady from New Zealand so I’m curious about the money that’s going to cost me, lol. It’ll be worth it.

Do you ever swap products internationally and what products do you really recommend for swapping? I’m thinking about doing a swap for Kat von D products and a package is coming to me with Wet ‘n Wild palettes because I can’t get those in stores around here.
Let me know in the comments what you think about swapping, please!


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  1. Oh wauw! Rockstar is inderdaad echt mooi. Mijn hart maakte ook een klein sprongetje! πŸ˜€
    Ik ben heel blij dat je toch nog verder blogt op je eentje. Ik ben altijd dol geweest op je ooglooks.

  2. Oh no, international swapping would certainly ruin me financially! Too many items on my wishlist that should remain there until I win the lottery:)

  3. ziet er goed uit! PS. Kerst is over, maar ik wil je nog steeds een cadeau geven.. Doe mee met mijn β€˜Mystery fashion goodiebag’ giveaway
    *verder bericht verwijderd*

    • Ik vind dat je het lief brengt dus ik heb je comment wel toegestaan maar dit is natuurlijk eigenlijk simpele spam en dat is op geen enkele blog graag gezien. Ik verzoek je dus om zulke berichten in het vervolg achterwege te laten πŸ™‚

  4. oooh die blauwe is pretty!! combineer m eens met sugarpill, volgens mij is dat erg mooi

  5. Nice! Lovely pigments, very colorfull!

  6. Wow! Rockstar is echt een gave kleur!
    Jammer dat ik net terug ben uit Parijs en too bad dat bij mij geen Sephora met Urban Decay in de buurt is 😦

    • Ahwww balen inderdaad! Ik geloof dat deze pigments ook niet erg veel in Europa worden verkocht, en op de US site zijn ze ook al in de aanbieding dus misschien gaan ze er wel uit? Misschien een andere verpakking. πŸ™‚

  7. Rockstar is mooi! Tof dat je zulke mooie dingen terug kreeg!

  8. Wow! Wat een ontzettend gave spullen heb je gekregen. Vooral gunmetal en rockstar pigments zijn prachtig! Zelf heb ik 2x geswapped en ik vond het erg leuk om een verrassingspakket samen te stellen en te ontvangen. Het is me heel goed bevallen. De 2e keer was met een Belgische Blogster en zij stuurde me wat producten die in NL niet te krijgen waren en dat was erg leuk. Erg jammer dat ze nu op zijn dus het wordt tijd om eens naar BE te rijden en in te slaan πŸ˜‰

  9. Die pigmenten zijn echt prachtig !

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