The Babyliss fail

About a year ago I got a Babyliss 8425 for christmas. It gets dark early at the day around this time of year and when I have to work in the morning it’s dark too. So I can’t do my make-up with good light. I usually end up with way too much blush and a crooked eyeliner. Bugs the hell out of me and it’s not a pretty sight. 😉

So this was the solution for me: a Babyliss 8425 mirror. It’s awesome!!!
Of course it’s not the same as daylight but it’s close enough. This mirror has 2 sides, one normal mirror side and one that enlarges so you can do detailed work, like a good eyeliner. And it has 3 types of light, normal “yellow” lamplight, a bit more blue light and daylight were you get the combination of yellow and blue. It works great and I love this thing.
But within the year the little blue lightbulb did “the big bang” and then I was stuck with the yellow light, which I don’t really like. I hear this happens a lot with these mirrors so if you have this item, be prepared. 😉

I made this post to show you how you can change the lightbulb because it’s not very difficult but it might be a good thing for some people to get the directions. I know I asked for help when I needed to do this so it might help other people too.

The problem, why it took me about 2 months to get this done, wasn’t opening the mirror, it also wasn’t screwing the little lightbulb out. It was finding a new blue lightbulb. You can’t find these little buggers anywhere!!
I figured I might be able to find a blue sewingmachine bulb but apparently those can’t be bought anywhere. Then I contacted the Dutch Babyliss customer service by e-mail: I got no response. After a month I thought it was best to call them so I did. The lady I got on the phone had absolutely NO idea what I was talking about. When I told her the lightbulb of my Babyliss 8425 had shot, she actually asked me if that Babyliss was a hairbrush… A hairbrush? Seriously? With a lightbulb?????

Because I stuck with my story (I’m very, very persistent and have been cursed for it) they eventually got the brilliant idea to send me a new bulb. It had to come from France so it would take about a week but it would be send to me, without further charge. (Gee, ya think?)

2 weeks later I finally received the blue bulb. I got it back in the mirror and I’m happy to say my Babyliss gives a bit of light back in my life. I’m happy with the outcome of the help that I got from the customer service but it took ‘em long enough.

Here are some pictures where you can see how to open your mirror if you run into a problem like this.

Put your mirror flat on the ground. It sounds logical but I’m saying this because it was specifically put to my attention and I’ve heard from people who screwed the thing open while it was standing. When the mirror comes off, it might fall and crack of break. You don’t want that, right?

It’s pretty self-explanatory because there are not many places you can open the mirror but in the top picture you can see where you need to look, the close-up basically tells it all. Screw this part open…

When you remove the top mirror part, here’s what you will see. The 2 parts of the lightbulbs.

And this one was what caused my problem. You can’t get these lightbulbs anywhere but at Babyliss but if you found a place that sells them, please let me know so I can add it to this blogpost. It might help some other people!

There’s light back in my world! You get the bulb replaced and put everything back where it was. It’s not difficult at all but now you know what to do if this happens to you.


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  1. Hm klinkt als een superlamp, maar als je iedere keer zoveel moeite moet doen om aan een nieuw lampje te komen.. Erg vervelend, blij dat het je gelukt is! 🙂

  2. Nice mirror, this comes verry handy when it’s dark.. Sometimes the light in the isn’t enough.. So this is the perfect solution! Cool!

  3. I was considering putting this on my wishlist….. Not so sure anymore.

  4. Omg I have this mirror and my lightbulb just died, but not the blue one, of course the other one which I use 😦 Do you have any idea if the normal one, is as hard to get as the blue? I really don’t hope so, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the internet, I only found the blue one 😦

  5. Sorry, maar hoe kreeg jij de twee helften van de lamp mekaar los aub? Die van ons zitten muurvast! Flori

    • Dan zit er misschien wat vuil tussen want die van mij lieten makkelijk los. Voorzichtig proberen van elkaar te krijgen? Heb je ze wel helemaal los geschroefd?

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