Link love, part 2

Another part of Link love here!
I’m not even half way through my huge list of favourite blogs and I had a lot of funny and sweet reactions to the first part. So here is number 2 of this series. Every once in a while you stumble upon a blog that you just can’t help but follow. And I have a lot of those and I want to share them. Maybe you’ll find some blogs in this blogpost that you didn’t know yet. All the blogs that get a part in Link love will be added to my blogroll in the menu on the right so check that out too.

Oh and a personal “yay moment”: I spotted myself in Blix’s blogroll, I felt so honoured! Thank you Blix! 😀

I just realised last week that I didn’t have Bloggin’ Beauties in my blogroll yet. Shame on me!

Wendy, Annigje, Lara and myself were writing (in Dutch) for Bloggin’ Beauties as you may know. The stuff that wasn’t about playing around with make-up just got in the way for me and I quit Bloggin’ Beauties because of that, so did Wendy. I’m still happy I made that decision but I’m also happy that Annigje and Lara decided to go on with the website. So here is a link to them. I hope they will keep up the website for a long time. 😀


Next up: meet Grzee, or should I say Karolina?
I first spotted this very talented lady on The MakeUp Bee. I love her looks, so very colorful and creative! She also makes some simple but stunning manicures, some people can just do it all!

She blogs in…. Well in all honesty, when I wrote this I had no idea in what language she wrote her blogs. Her profile said she’s from Ireland but I was pretty sure she wrote in another language. 😉 I tried google translate and it turns out to be Polish. That was actually my first guess but I didn;t just want to take a wild guess and offend someone. 😉 But I have to say that I don’t usually translate her text, I just look at the pretty pictures. If you get inspiration from pretty make-up looks, you should check out her blog!

Linda Hallberg

It’s Linda Hallberg!
I did an interview with Linda for Bloggin’ Beauties and when I contacted her she was so enthusiastic and I thought it was a fun interview to do. I was glad she was so approachable, the way I hoped she would be.
Linda is a MakeUp Artist for Make Up Store and it really shows in her looks. It doesn’t matter wether they’re natural looks or in-your-face-smack-poppin-fantabulous: all her looks are just so pretty. And she’s beautiful and basically gets away with any look. Don’t look at this blog if you easily get jealous because Linda will have that effect on you! Nah, I’m just kidding, she rules! Linda started out blogging in Swedish but to my surprise she now also blogs in English so we can all enjoy her ramblings. Yay!
You can find her blog here.

I think I’ll do another part of Link love later. I don’t want to do these too much so it’ll stay fun and something other than make-up looks. I really enjoy writing them and I hope you enjoy reading them. Please let me know!


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  1. Really dig what you do, thanks

  2. yay I am really happy that u like my blog! 🙂
    yep I’m polish but I live in Ireland atm 😀 Maybe I will write notes in english too 🙂

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