Unknowns, part 2

Another pair of looks where I have no clue what products I used. These looks are also very different in use of colour and usually I’m a big fan of dark colours but when I compare these looks, I actually like the lighter (first) one better 😀

Looking at the pictures I can see that I used Gosh Effect Powder Kiwi and Greeny and Essence Gelliner I Love NY. But the pink colour is a complete mystery to me…

As you can see, these pictures were taken in the summer, I don’t wear cold tops like these in winter 😉 I don’t use a lot of pink in my looks but I like the effect this one gave with the green so I still wanted to show it.

With this other look I can take a wild guess and say it was made with Sleek Bad Girl palette. That palette has some fantastic dark colours in it and I use it a lot for smokey looks like these so that would be a safe guess.

I like this look because it is inspired by peacock colours but I really miss the eyeliner! These day’s I don’t really wear looks without eyeliner anymore and seeing a look where I didn’t use it…. looks weird.

Obviously I didn’t wear anything on the lips which makes the look even less appealing to me. But I still like the combination of colours and I hope you like them too. What do you think of these looks?

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  1. The first thing I think whenever I see your (eye)looks is “would it look that great on me?”
    Well, I try and try and find out I look too tired and washed out to provide a proper canvas for a stunning look. But please, keep on giving me inspiration!

    • Ahwww, I saw pictures of you and I have trouble believing that you will look washed out. But your eyes are very different in shape than mine so that could explain some of it. 🙂

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