I’m royally blue

There is one pigment that I’ve been neglecting a bit, it’s called Royal Sugar and it’s the most vibrant blue pigment you’ll ever see.
It’s gorgeous but I think it’s a bit difficult to work with. Blending it takes a bit more effort than the other Loose Eyeshadows from Sugarpill but the effect is worth it because the colour absolutely POPS.

I combined it with some other Sugarpill products I have.

I used a blue mascara with this look which is nice but because the lid colour is also blue, the lashes now don’t appear as nice as usual. Next time I’ll do a look with Royal Sugar I’ll use a black mascara. I think it’ll look better.

Used products


  • Gosh Waterproof Mineral Eyeshadow stick
  • Sugarpill Junebug
  • Sugarpill Royal Sugar
  • Sugarpill Midori
  • Urban Decay pigment Protest
  • Rimmel Professional Liquid Eyeliner
  • Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliner #
  • Gosh Kohl eyeliner Black
  • Benefit Badgal Lash Mascara Blue


  • Catrice Allround Concealer
  • No7 Instant Radiance Foundation, Colour Porcelain under the eyes and around the nose.
  • Ulta Powder Bronzer
  • Gosh Natural Blush Electric Pink


  • Gosh Light ‘n Shine #04

What do you think of this Sugarpill pigment? I’ve never seen a colour like it and I’m glad the camera caught the intensity of the colour. Next time I’ll try it with something purple and maybe orange? What do you think of this look? With what colours do you want to see this pigment combined?


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  1. OMG! That blue! ❤
    Gorgeous look!

  2. Really really pretty, I really like kobalt, but I would have never chosen it for an eye-shadow.
    But it works! I think it would also look real nice with a bright purple color. But I always say that, because green and purple are my favorites!
    Keep up the good work! (and congratualatons on your uncle ;-))

    • Congratulations on your dad! 😀
      My first choice never goes to blue colours but like you said: this still works 😀 I agree on the greens and purples though 😉

  3. Wow wat een mooie kleur blauw zeg! Mooie look!

  4. Once again you’ve created a wonderful look!

  5. Gorgeous color, really makes your eyes pop. I am just now starting to experiment with loose pigments, the colors are just so unique.

    • I totally agree, pigments are so much fun to play with! And once you know how to make them work the best for you I actually prefer them over pressed eyeshadows. 😀

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