Weekend Jungle

I have been going through my make-up stash and found back some products that I had actually forgotten about. That’s probably a sign that my stash is growing too bit, but I’m still ignoring that fact. 😉

I “re-found” my City Jungle eyeshadow, a great colour from Make Up Store and the pigmentation is just fantastic. It’s a bit of a light green minty colour, a bit pastel but not quite. Makes sense? I combined this gorgeous shadow with my Sugarpill Weekender which is also a bit of a light purple pastel-but-not-quite-colour and I think the two matched perfectly.

I was having a very bad hair day so… Just ignore that. 😉 It just got cut and I actually needed to wash it to get the curl back in it but I was lazy and then this is what happends.
It’s shorter again, I liked having longer hair but I don’t want to be stuck with dead ends, I’d rather have a little shorter, healthy hair then long straw. I like the length now but the day I took these pictures it just wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do. It happends…

In all honesty, I don’t think this is the best look I ever did. Not by far. But it’s wearable and has nice sparkles and colours so I wanted to show it anyway. Oh, and I still have some some looks in my drafts with longer hair, so in some blogs my hair will be long and in some it’ll be shorter again, lol. Sorry about that!

Products used


  • Gosh Waterproof Mineral Eyeshadow Stick, colour Brown
  • Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow Weekender
  • Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow Magpie
  • Make Up Store Microshadow City Jungle
  • Catrice Kohl Kajal, colour White
  • Rimmel Professional Liquid Eyeliner, colour Black Glamour
  • Gosh Show Me Volume Mascara, colour Carbon Black


  • No7 foundation under the eyes and around the nose. Can’t find it right now so I don’t know the colour
  • Gosh Natural Touch Cream Blusher, colour Brown Dash
  • Gosh Natural Touch Cream Blusher, colour Pink Rush


  • Gosh Lipgloss, colour 003

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  1. You can get away with any combination of sensational colours:)

  2. Wat een prachtige look heb je weer gemaakt en wat zit je eyeliner strak!

  3. Wat een prachtige look! Ik wist helemaal niet dat je er nog/weer een persoonlijk blog op nahield!! Ik ga je snel toevoegen aan Bloglovin’ dan hoef ik je niet meer te missen.

  4. Funny, that look fits the nailpolish I’m wearing today to a tee (duochrome green/purple). I like it, it’s lighter than I’m used to when it comes to looks you do though 😉

  5. Simply beautiful! I love green and purple together ❤
    Your greenish eyes make it look even more beautiful *—*

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