20 years go so fast! My love for Queen

I remember the day that we were on vacation and my parents and I were in the car, I was browsing through my dads tapes for my walkman. Remember? Casettes? Back in the days… Gosh, I feel old!!
Anyway, there was a band on called Queen. I was about 10 or 12 years old and I was expecting a woman singing. You know, Queen… no matter how bad your english is, it still gives you the impression you’re going to listen to something feminine. Boy was I wrong!
There was this guy with a magical deep and melodic voice and the tunes just blew me away. Each and every single one of them.
I remember sitting there in complete awe of this band. WOOOOWWW QUEEN!!!!

I listened to all of the tapes my dad had and I tried to understand all of the words. I got to the song Loverboy and that was confusing… loverboy? Is that guy really singing “my loverboy”?? Hmm… well alright then.
Just to be sure, I checked with my parents, so I asked them if this guy liked men. Did they think he was gay? Remember, I was quite young and eve though I wasn’t naive and this whole concept of guys liking guys was not new to me but I also didn’t know that many people who were so clearly “out”  and on the flamboyant side as Freddie was. I don’t remember if my parents told me he was gay but they probably did, or something about him liking men too…

That’s were it begun for me, Freddie and his band. Queen. Oh, how I adored them.

But by the time I was old enough to realise how fantastic this band really was, Queen had already had their last show. Freddie was already diagnosed with AIDS and had already died of the pneumonia that was brought on by his disease. All that remained was the fantastic music that this band made.
And I still adore them. Not a week goes by that I don’t listen to at least one song by Queen. There is always some album of this band on my MP3 player and the live album Live At Wembley has not been removed since I put it on there, about 2 years ago.

Today it’s 20 years that Freddie Mercury died. He was born on september 5th 1946 and he passed away exactly 20 years ago on november 24th 1991.
To me, he still is one of THE best singers that has ever been alive, I kid you not. I read about 5 biographies and I actually have one on my shelves that I read at least 10 times and I truly believe that these men have had a role in the way we listen to, and people make music today.

I’m Lisanne and I’m a Queen-aholic. Even after 20 years.
I never got to see them live because I was too late. Born too late I guess, damn!!
I never got to see that man move the way he could, so powerful!! I never got to hear those amazing shout-outs that he would do. EEEEoooohh. I never stood there on a field with thousands of other Queen-aholics, shouting the songs with them. I never got to get all weepy and emotional as he sung the sweet songs like “Love Of My Life” or “Is This The World We Created”. I never got to put up my fist and clap along on “We Will Rock You” and I never got to see that smug look on Freddies face as he was enjoying the audience and the show that he would put on with his bandmates. And seriously, I know I sound like an emo-child but it makes me sad! I was I could have been there.

But hey… at least we still have the tapes. And the cd’s, the DVD’s and the biographies…

I hope in 10 years, we still remember Freddie, Queen and all the beautiful music they produced, because that music is worth listening to, even after so many years. It’s timeless.
I know I will remember Freddie Mercury and his band. Will you?

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  1. I ought to be ashamed of myself- I’m old enough to remember the very first time they appeared on tv and I’ve adored them ever since. But I have never been to a Queen concert though.

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