I have an entire folder on my computer with looks with make-up. But the older a look gets, the more I forget what the products were that I used. So I decided to still use the pictures, I don’t believe that you have to have the exact product to be able the recreate a look so you don;t need to know exactly what the products were, right?

From now on, I will try and write down the used products so I can make a list but for now, the “unknowns” are just… inspirational?

With this look I know I used Sugarpill Junebug. I instantly fell in love with that gorgeous deep green and I recognise itin the look. But when you blend it, the colour becomes more subtile and I like that too!

I don;t think it;s a very special look because this is something I’d wear to work but I do like the result. It matches my top and hairflower and I like those mix and match things. Lipstuff is from Gosh, Soft ‘n Shine in Antique Gold and eyeliner is probably MAC Blacktrack gelliner. Other than that I have no clue what I used.

Another look in the clueless department is this one. I labeled it Purplized Red so that doesn’t give me any idea about the products either. If I’d have to guess then the red colour on the moving lid was probably the red colour from the Sleek Mediterranean palette and purple from the Sleek Circus palette. I think…

I like both combinations. Very different colours but I like to variate with colours.

What do you think? 🙂 Let me know in the comments!


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  1. OEH missed a look!
    What, two looks even! 😛

    2nd look reminds me of MAC’s…. oh help me….
    can’t remember the name… something with Lady?
    Hmmm anyhows… a mineralized eyeshadow duo with red and purple.

  2. The looks are gorgeous and so are you!

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