Different theme, bit of a cheer…

Nora, our other kitteh

Yay, different theme! I chose a theme that I liked because if the menu’s and full size width. I was hoping it would solve my picture problem. In the other theme, my pictures couldn’t be wider then 477 px and I want to be able to make them at least 600 px. With this theme, I can do that. So yay!
I also like the placements of the menu’s, thise really tend to be different in the free WordPress theme’s so my choices are very limited. But I like this, almost all of it.

Downside… its pink.
If you know me, you know I’m not a pink girl. I can go for anything really: red, purple, green, black, greytones that would all be fine by me. But pink? Not so much, so that’ll need some more work. I stumbled upon another theme with some koi-like decorations, that was neat too. You know what that background colour was? Salmonpink. I don’t know which I find worse! I think… Maybe I’ll give it a try later.
I mean, trading pink for pink is just as bad, right?

edit: Trying the Koi theme… It’s nice. I don’t know what’s going to stay yet. Feeling a bit indecisive at the moment which causes me to flip back and forward between different themes and that’s just annoying. I’ll make a decision soon. 🙂

another edit: this theme is fun! It’s called Matala and I like it. For now 😉 It’s fun, it’s swirly, it’s colorful but not in the “kids gone wild with crayons” kinda colourful like the previous one. It has a bit of a sixties feel, you know what I mean? I’ll upload some options later so you can see what I mean by the other theme’s. But for now, Matala it is!


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  1. Loooove the Matala layout!!!
    Suits you! 🙂

  2. Thanks, I think so too 😀

  3. Now I’m dying to see a look inspired by Matala:)

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