Hi there!

One of my two kittycat's. Finn!

You’re new here? Well, me too…

Let me explain, this is my brandspankin’ new blog. YEAH BABY!!
I don’t know what it’ll be yet. Funny thing: I don’t even know what I’m officially going to call it or even what the content will be. The layout isn’t done yet either! It’s like a whole new house, all I have to do is decorate it with all the stuff that I love. But it’ll take ma a while, bear with me.
What I’m going to write about? Probably make-up because that’s one of my many loves. But I also intent to do some blogs on clothes that I make and maybe pull some old hobby’s from underneath the dust that I used to invest time in. Before the blog thing happened. 😉

2 Years ago I started blogging about make-up. My blog was called My Kinda Makeup. Then I met two girls and I quit my own blog and we started Bloggin’ Beauties. We wanted a platform for the three of us to vent our make-up addiction, and we loved it!! We started that about 1,5 years ago.
As time passed, changes were made and one of the original Bloggin’ Beauties left, one was added and later one more. We were with the four of us and had a good thing going. But as you might know, stuff happends in your life and all of a sudden the blog became more and more time consuming. After 1,5 years, blogging with the four of us became too demanding and myself and Wendy decided to call it quits. So this is my third blog! Third time’s the charm, right?

I would still very much like to keep some form of blog going on, but not to update every day. Chances are that I might, from time to time, not update for a longer time, probably days in a row. I’ll just have to see when it can fit into my plans between work, my boyfriend and a social life, those have to come first.
But I do love make-up and I especially love to do make-up looks. From the response I’ve gotten over the years I learned that people like my looks and that’s where this tiny space of my own interwebs comes in. Even though I don’t want to make it such a part-time job as Bloggin’ Beauties was, I just want a place where I can dump my pictures every once in a while. It’s fun!

The second major change for me is the language, I decided to blog in english because I have more international contacts through Facebook and Twitter and I’d like for more people then just the Dutchies and Belgium lovelies to be able to read my ramblings. I don’t know if this will catch on, though. I do need to check if this is something I can do; there are far too many very pourly written English blogs out there and I don’t want to add another one to the score. So let me know if I make any goofs, but could you be gentle while pointing out my mistakes please?

That’s about all I can say right now. If you come here more often, you will see changes because I’ll change theme’s and layout and stuff… But I’m not very technical so I need a friend for that and she doesn’t have oceans of time either. But for now, this will have to do. At least I can get started 😀

If you have any questions, just let me know!

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About Lisanne blogt

Ik blog op https://lisanneblogt.wordpress.com maar je kan mij ook vinden op Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LisanneBlogt

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  1. Jee… Stumbled upon your new blog through Twitter.
    Comes so sudden for me!! But I understand where you’re comming from!
    Blogging should be a fun thing to do in your spare time, not an obligation!
    I’ll be following you on Bloglovin, cause I sure don’t want to miss any of those gorgeous looks of yours! 😀

    Leaves me to wish you HAPPY BLOGGING!

  2. Wauw ontdek net je blog, ik ben erbij hoor!!! xxx

  3. Ik begrijp precies wat je bedoelt! Ik zit ook nog in dubio wat ik zal doen.. bloggen doe ik al lang niet meer. Het kost zoveel tijd en ik had er geen lol meer in. Maar ik mis het toch, maar opnieuw beginnen wil ik eigenlijk niet. Toch wil ik nog wat delen… dus ik vind jouw idee super! 😉
    Ik ben blij dat je je looks nog met ons deelt, want ik ben een grote fan! 😀
    Je hebt zo’n mooie kleurencombo’s en altijd iets speciaals.

    • Wat lief, dank je wel 😀 Het moet inderdaad leuk blijven en het was tegenwoordig meer 60% verplichting, 40% leuk. Dat is niet de manier om het vol te houden. Hopelijk lukt het op dit plekje wel om af en toe wat moois er op te zetten. Heb jij de knoop voor jezelf al doorgehakt?

  4. Thanks for sticking around, Lisanne! Hope to see loads of amazing looks. Could you please show more of the clothes that you designed yourself?

  5. Fijn dat ik je weer her-ontdekt hebt! Ik ben ook een fan van jouw looks dus ik kom zeker weer regelmatig kijken. Bloggen moet idd leuk blijven en gezin/sociaal leven op de 1e plaats blijven staan. Elke dag updaten lukt mij tegenwoordig ook niet meer. Ik schrijf wat wanneer ik zin, tijd en inspiratie heb.

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