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Acid circusfreak

It was a while ago that I made this look and in all honesty I don’t remember what products I used. It was probably a mix of some Sleek palettes. I remember Acid and Circus palette but I wouldn’t be surprised if I used eyeshadow from another palette. So sorry, can’t really tell anymore!

What I can tell is that I wanted to try an orange colour in the waterline. This look is not one of my favorites since I think it’s a bit on the messy side. Not all colours are blended well and I see an empty spot on the waterline. But aside from that, it was nice to do something “colours in yo face!!” again.

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Original purples

When I find a “new” blog with looks I like, it works very inspiring to me. It makes me want to recreate aaaaaaaall the looks that I like on that blog.
I can get a little bit obsessed actually, lol. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the blog by Josi, she’s a German lovely lady and she makes looks that can make your jaw drop. I fell in love with her cut crease looks and even though before I didn’t really care for cut creases, I tried to make one anyway. And I loved it!!

This is actually not a “recreation” of one of Josi’s looks, it was just inspired by her looks. 🙂

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Vegas baby!!!

This morning I posted my review of some of the products of the new collection by Catrice, called Welcome to Las Vegas!!

Naturally, I had to try these products in a look. I didn’t make 1, but 2 looks with these products and I hope they show that you can make looks that are very different with just the products that I have.

The first look I made was inspired by the glamour factor of this collection, kind of Vegas Showgirl. I love a good bold red lipstick and I wanted a wearable eyelook with it because I know a lot of people think bright lipstick plus a heavy eyelook don’t match very well. So I kept the eyes pretty light with a defined eyeliner

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Catrice Welcome to Las Vegas

Zoals jullie misschien wel weten is er een nieuwe Catrice collectie vanaf half november in de winkels te vinden: Welcome to Las Vegas!!

Deze collectie van Catrice is geïnspireerd op burleske, pure glamour en ‘grand diva’s’. Hiermee is aandacht besteed aan expressieve oogmake-up in dramatische donkere tinten maar ook mooie lipproducten die een elegante glans op je lippen tovert en ook je nagels en gezicht kan je onder handen nemen met spulletjes uit deze collectie.

Ik ontving enkele producten en heb er niet alleen een review mee gemaakt maar vanmiddag komen er ook 2 looks met deze producten online.

This blog is mainly in Dutch because I received these products to review them for Dutch readers of the store. It’s about the new collection by Catrice called Welcome to Las Vegas. It’s a very dramatic collection with all kinds of lovely products.  I’ll make a small summary in English so at least you know what it’s all about. 🙂 This afternoon I’ll post 2 looks with these products so I hope you’ll come back to see those.

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20 years go so fast! My love for Queen

I remember the day that we were on vacation and my parents and I were in the car, I was browsing through my dads tapes for my walkman. Remember? Casettes? Back in the days… Gosh, I feel old!!
Anyway, there was a band on called Queen. I was about 10 or 12 years old and I was expecting a woman singing. You know, Queen… no matter how bad your english is, it still gives you the impression you’re going to listen to something feminine. Boy was I wrong!
There was this guy with a magical deep and melodic voice and the tunes just blew me away. Each and every single one of them.
I remember sitting there in complete awe of this band. WOOOOWWW QUEEN!!!!

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