A little update, I’m moving!

Hey guys! I’m back! But with a twist…
I decided to give the makeup thing a new chance. A lot has happened in the last few months which was, aside from the bloggin sabbatical, also a reason I didn’t update for a few months.

I’ll tell you all about it in future blogposts because I will keep updating, though not as frequently as I did in the past. That doesn’t mean I’m going to share less looks, it just means I’m going to share them in a different way.
I’m going to upload my looks on Facebook more often, I’m moving my stuff there! A Facebook page is so much easier to update than this blog because I don’t have to worry about things like uploading to Photobucket or bandwidth issues. I’ve had those issues a lot lately and it bugged the hell out of me. So please go to my Facebook page to see my latest addition called Acid Olivia, using the Limited Edition pigment Olivia from Sugarpill!

Acid Olivia

I have a lot of things to figure out for the future because the decision to make my Facebook page my main focus was made just a few hours ago when I was pondering (again and again and again….) what to do with the makeup blog thing.
I still love doing makeup but the work I had to put into the picture cropping, uploading, linking to my blog and writing about the products was one of may thing I would much rather just skip all together. I just want to ramble about makeup and show some of the pictures I make, that’s it! And somehow blogging is more about wrestling with photobucket, wordpress and dealing with bandwidth problems. Blegh! Those things really overshadowed my love for the blog and when I took the sabbatical I just didn’t have any fun with it anymore. Aside from the personal issues I had with the deaths of my grandmothers. I’m still sad about that, obviously. But I made peace with it and I’m in a much better frame of mind now. :)

I do think I might update from time to time, to give some personal updates maybe and also to attract some focus to my Facebook page. So how exactly this is going to develop, I’ll just have to see. But I just wanted to let you know I didn’t quit, the sabbatical really helped. So please visit me on Facebook and leave a comment! If there’s any questions you have, just let me know!

Oh and do you need a review or comparison pictures of Sugarpill’s Olivia? Let me know in the comments here or on Facebook :D

Blogging sabbatical

As you may have seen it’s been very quiet on my blog for the past couple of weeks.

Early january my grandmother passed away after years of fighting illness and that was difficult for me. It’s one of those event’s in your life that you know has to come some day but you’re never really fully ready for it, how can you be? Who’s ever ready for losing an important person in their lives?
In March my other grandmother passed away. She was in her 90’s and again, even though you know that day has to come it still left me taken aback. That’s the only word I have for it because I can rationalise all my feelings by saying they were both old, had beautiful lives and it was their time. And I truly mean every word of that and they were ready to move on. But still, I’ll never see them again and they played a big part in my life even though I wasn’t that much aware of it all the time.havin' a sad

Losing 2 grandmothers in 3 months is just too much and even though I picked up all the things in my every day life, I still have some stuff to work through. I tried putting some feelings to the back of my mind because I didn’t know how to deal with them but sometimes it just sneaks up on me. Maybe this sounds strange but it feels like these events beaten a bit of the creative sparkle out of me, for the moment anyway. It’s not like I’m still in full mourning mode because I have peace with it on some level. I don’t cry a lot about it anymore and I don’t feel I need to, either. There’s just a small part of me that still feels like I need to concentrate more on me, to get all my ducks back in a row.

I was thinking about quitting the blog thing all together but I don’t think now is the time to make that decision. However, I am taking a big break from it. Maybe later I’ll decide to pick it up again. Right now it just feels like a burden and I don’t want to fill my free time with something, when my heart isn’t in it.

I hope you all understand and even if I do decide to quit blogging, I’ll still let you know. But for now I’m just calling it a blogging sabbatical. Usually a sabbatical is at least a couple of months but I’ll just have to see how long it’ll take me to get back on my blogging feet.

Vintage Dreams

Woohoo, 299th blogpost!

When I made this look I had just done my hair. I usually wear it hanging down or in a ponytail but I wanted to do something different so I tried a sock bun. I really liked the result and I thought it called for a classic makeup.

So I tried keeping my eyeshadow very light (well, light for me anyway) and a nice ombre lipstick. With dramatic eyeliner, just to get that classic pinup feel I had going with my hair.

Vintage Dreams

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Prince @#$%!ing Charming

I’ve been in a “yay it’s almost spring” mood for about a week. Even though it’s quite early, the weather is great around here and I’m so happy the end of winter is in sight. I was dreading the snow and the freezing cold and somehow we skipped that part this year. It’s basically been a really, really really long autumn and I’m not one bit disappointed that we skipped the icy cold part of winter.

Anyway, because I was in a happy-happy-joy-joy-mood I wanted to do an intense look with glitterrrrrr. And some red, silver and blue. Here’s what happened.

Prince @#$%!ing Charming

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Very Autumn Berry

Ever since I got a new computer I’ve been looking for a new (and preferably free) program to crop and cut my pictures. So far I found an online program I really like, but it still isn’t perfect and simple the way it used to be on my old laptop.
Oh well, maybe I just have to get used to something different, but I like a program that opens my pictures and let’s me start editting immediately. I haven’t been able to find a program like that without getting completely overwhelmed by all the different possibilities. If you know any, just let me know in the comments please!

So, as some of you have noticed I haven’t put my name in this look or in the Falling Leaves look either. I simply forgot because I was too busy figuring out how to work with a new program, lol.
Anyway, I made this look because I wanted to use some of my MakeUp Geek pigments and this is what I came up with.

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